fist salt water tank

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    igrefig New Member Member

    hi, im setting up a 65 gallon fowlr i plan on getting 30-40 lbs of dry rock and another 30 lbs of live rock, 60 lbs live sand and obviously heater, protein skimmer, lights ,etc..
    my question is will one power head rated for 65 gallons be sufficient or should i get two? will that be too much? or i should i get two smaller power heads? thanks, any additional advise is appreciated
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    iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    With current in a fowlr tank, 10 - 15 times the amount of the tanks volume must be turned over. So look in the ball park of 650 - 975 gph. Dont go on ratings for powerheads because they often tell a very different story. Look at the water turnover rating.