Fishy stores disasterous!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Jakob V, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Jakob V

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    Where and where not to buy fish?
  2. Butterfly

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    You just have to go into your local fish stores and look around. Check for dead fish, are the tanks clean? etc.

    All the big name pet stores aren't bad, you just have to check them out.
  3. escapay

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    Carol has excellent points. One LFS might be amazing, but then the next one is terrible. Same with the big chain stores.
  4. Ziggi

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    I agree, I've found that I like my one PetSmart over some of my LFS because they're nicer, one PetCo, the fish look better... but the LFS seems more knowledgeable :/ when they do decide to speak... I have to butter people up appearantly. Go online and look at reviews, and then discern while you browse the store. Thats what I do. :) I take into consideration the care of the fish AND plants and products, the advice given (eavesdrop! :p) and attitude ... lastly I look at prices. If the stock looks good, and advice is decent, attitude is pleasent, but prices are a bit high, It's still ok to me! If the stock looks bad (nasty tanks, skeletons in the tanks, or multiple injured fish), and the personnel dont care to greet me, or atleast fake a smile when I come in as chipper as I always am, they could have the lowest prices in town, they're not getting my business!

    I also dont discriminate. Every store has a blank slate the moment I walk in the door. I'm ALWAYS liable to come back to browse, even if my last experience was bad... my spending time in the store isn't what they want, it's the sale. So I give the opportunity for staff to treat me like a customer :) And if I'm a regular, roll out the carpet!!! :;laughing
  5. escapay

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    ^ Good point on the eavesdropping on the advice being given. Of course, doesn't work so well if you personally do not know the proper answer. But doesn't mean you can listen and then go investigate elsewhere.

    Another point to make - some of the employees, or many of them, do not have experience with fish (more in big chains) or give poor advice. So always do research before you go to a store with the intent to buy something. Just smile at them when they give you the wrong answer and do what you were going to do.
  6. TylerLovesFish

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    Darn Iphone.

    Anyways, at my LFS there's a dead pleco (like a 16" one)... Atleast I think he is. I was there a week ago, came today, was in same exact spot and was pale.

    Other than that my LFS is good. As others said, look to see how they care for their fish, also possibly if the store is family run. Also, sometimes at fish stores they are busy stocking/talking to another customer so they can't greet you. I actually felt bad once - was having a lengthy conversation with a older man who worked at the LFS (owner) about snails, and I accidentally cut him off because I thought the conversation was done. He was trying to continue to talk (said something then just "ok, okay" when I said well, thanks for the help) so I felt bad... Anyways, if you can have conversations about fish and such with the employees, you know they know a lot about fish.


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  7. Ziggi

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    Agreed again. But sometimes it's obvious. I'm more concerned about peoples attitudes/intentions than their knowledge, for the reason you mentioned: I dont know how much experience they have. Dont forget, even someone who's a 20 year veteran breeder at a store still may have motive. A guy from a LFS tried to sell me a SW set up, saying it's just as easy as a FW, just more expensive and that he had like ... 4 in his house. OK... I dont know two things about SW set ups, I believe that it's more expensive, but I know it's not as "easy" as FW. Similarly, a girl from a PetSmart told me Neons needed 10 gal each, so to buy 5 neons, I'd need a 50 gal tank, and that if they died, that maybe why. I know nada about neons sept their small and highly active schoolers, I figured the precaution was regarding the highly active part, though I figured that was excessive! I'm by far no expert, but I am a shopper, I try to see around SOME misinformation as long as it's innocent ignorance, not trying to make a quota. I cant speak for your stores... mine are filled with kids just there cause it's a job, so I'm used to knowing off the bat who I should be talking to based off of their attitude. Like you said, take what they say with a smile, then go research it for yourself!

    :) The power of discernment is a wonderful thing ... and yes, I shop/criticize stores entirely too much. It's not healthy :;laughing
  8. AlanGreene

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    Don't be afraid to put the store to the test, don't let them bamboozle (wow bamboozle is a real word? no red came under it...) you, ask questions and debate their answers if you do not agree with them, who knows, maybe you can teach them how to be better fish keepers if they are not great right now!
  9. LorenHusky

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    If you have a store called Jacks Aquarium I would recommend it for sure. It may just be in ohio though. Our local Petco is doing away with their fish section, and all the fish are already gone except for the Bettas.
  10. TylerLovesFish

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    Jacks pets are in ohio (however I've never seen one), Indiana and northern Kentucky (from the jacks pets website) I'm going to assume its south ohio, south Indiana, and north Kentucky.
  11. fishlover123456

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    check each store out and decide the best one if you have a optimum aquarium Around you they a great petsmart and petco are good to
  12. AnthonyC4C

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    Okay there is no beating around the bush with this question and I will answer this bluntly sorry for being the most honest as possible.... THEY ALL STINK!!!! its the truth you will get lucky and find a person here or there who actually know what they are talking about.... most of the time all the fish are stressed because you have to actually get there on the days of there stocking because within 10 hours all the good stuff is gone. Also it doesnt even matter if they are a big store or small everyone has names for fish that dont even match the fish that they really are. Other than that anything and everything knowledgeable that will help you, is everything you do before hand... such as this wonderful forum if you look through and ask the nice people here they will answer as much as they can and with wonderful knowledge there is also a section to look up more about specific fish which is really helpful. Other than good luck!