Fishy dreams - or nightmares!

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    Hello all!

    BNB here with another mini horror story! Well, nightmare

    Last night I dreamt that my big planted tank had become about 5 feet tall, by 6 feet wide and about 3 feet in depth. Its appearance keep switching from a planted tank, to what looked like a newly set up marine tank. I had a few guppies in there, but when I went to look at the tank I saw that every single one of them were SICK! And worse, with pineconed scales . I couldn't move at all and I watched every one of them passing away, or loosing their beautiful tails. Then, when a the guppies were gone, I went into my LFS and all he was selling now we're male Bettas. So I bought around 15 Betta fish! And put them into the tank all together... Then, one by one they slowly started getting sick and dying and it was so horrible and o can't get the image of a beautiful blue dragon scale Betta with horrid pineconing out of my head. He looked at me for a while and it looked like he was crying. I was so horrified at what was happening in this dreamland tank of mine. All of the fish died, and then I just had so many dead fish it was just terrifying. I woke up and pretty much ran downstairs to make sure all my guppies, and the rest, were all happy and still dozy from the night. It was a terrible, terrible dream.

    On a lighter note though, I did dream a few weeks ago that I need the president of like the world, and i was also the president of the world's fishkeeping organisation and I had So.Many. TANKS. Literally thousands. It was amazing! And people would come up to me and ask me about fishkeeping and ask for help and I was giving out all this information and I started talking about the new 'style' of tank, a nudibranch tank! And I basically told everyone to buy nudibranch's at their LFS and get them huge tanks but they were only allows keep one in their tank and I don't know why . All in all, a good dream! It was pretty funny too! I kept saying things to people like "No no no you need 300 gallons for one nudibranch" and I was telling people how many grand of sand they were supposed to use as substrate and ahh it was a great dream!

    Post your dreams or night mares below! I love hearing stories from y'all, so post away!
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    Sick bettas make me so so so sad !

    My most recent fish dream involved me going up to my main tank and finding it horribly packed to the gills with fish for no apparent reason. I remember thinking " there is no way I overstocked THIS bad." Then I woke up and immediately rushed over to my tank and found 12 fry LOL.
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    Woah that's amazing!!