Fishy Amber Alert-Do Glofish Jump/Locating dead fish


One of my four Glofish tetras just went missing, and I've torn up the world looking for him. He was bright neon green and glowed like the sun under the black light, but he just went poof. Tore up the entire tank, searched in and under every plant and decoration. This isn't like him, he always comes to the front of the tank the moment the light comes on.
Is there a chance he jumped out? I have a cover that covers most of the top, only open next to the filter. The filter has a cover, he isn't in there.
On another note, how the heck do I find him if he DID jump out? I'm searching like I just lost the declaration of independence, but still nothing.

I DO have a significant amount of snails in the tank, but I couldn't even find bones. They couldn't have eaten him bones an all? They aren't very big compared to the fish.


We finally came to the conclusion when something like this happens it is an alien abduction. This time I see they were partial to glo-green. Occasionally though instead of taking a fish they actually leave one. Seems like the last one they left someone was a loach of some type.

Seriously though it is a mystery as to how they can vanish without a trace left behind.


I vote snails
bones are calcium so they may have consumed it as well
I 'lost' a blue glowfish a few months back. I think it died & was consumed by the mystery snails

to them, a dead fish probably smells like bar b q


Not sure how cluttered the area around your tank is, but I'd bet if you can't find the fish within 3' of the tank, it's been turned into snail poo. Some of the other fish might even have grabbed a few bits, they are opportunistic feeders.

Sorry for your loss, this is just a risk of the hobby unfortunately.


I had a betta completely disappear once. Best theory i could ever figure out was it jumped out and a kitty decided to grab an easy snack.


I lost a Amano shrimp once. My dogs breath smelled a bit...fishy...
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Must've been the snails then. I knew they looked a little too casual!

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