Fish's Eye Injured And Hanging By A Thread

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I have a fish whose eye is hanging by a threat (like actually hanging outside of its socket)

And it's my fault

I got a new fish last week, and I noticed some of guppies tails have been nipped on. I figured the new fish was the culprit, so I was going to take him back to the store. He was near impossible to catch, and somehow when I got him in the net, his eye slammed against the side of the tank then he squeezed out of the side of the net. His eye popped out and started bleeding.

I moved him to quarantine, but is there anything I can do? I'm afraid stress may kill him now. Either that or an infection? Should I try to cut the loose eye free? Will it just fall out?

He is a short fin tetra. I don't know if aquarium salt is okay for them. (I have a school of them, but this one was new...) This is truly awful, poor guy.

Salty Betta
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is this supposed to be a joke?

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It doesn’t sound like a joke, it sounds like someone asking for help. So sorry, I don’t know what to tell you other than to call a fish vet for advice. If you don’t know a fish vet maybe a regular vet can refer. I’m not sure what I’d do in this situation. I’m sure if you take him back to the fish store they will euthanize him (which may end up being the kindest thing to do but idk). Good luck!! Hope you get some help!
Marijn Lange
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I suggest leaving the fish in the quarantaine tank. I don’t suggest using salt, I suggest using something like sera baktopur or any other fish medicin that helps against infections. Your best bet is to go to a local fish store and ask them for a infection medicin.

When dosing meds be sure to do it correctly! Do not overdose!

The chance that it will survive is very small.
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Hi, I had a rosy barb which popped an eye by swimming at speed straight into the tank glass while being chased it healed on its own & the fish survived. I wouldn't use preemptive medication unless an infection actually occurs, I'd keep it separated to reduce the chances of it being stressed by being picked on, keep the water it's in really clean & perhaps use something like stresscoat to help it & let nature take its course, fish will live quite happily with just one eye or even blind, the only thing I'd be really concerned about is if there was any internal damage done when the injury happened. Keep a close watch on it & if it does appear to be suffering then I'd do the kind thing & euthanize it.
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It's not a joke...

As far as I can tell, the fish isn't suffering. He's swimming around pretty regularly (except tilted to one side maybe because he can't see out of one eye now? Or maybe that is a sign of something worse idk). My biggest concern is the eye is still hanging there. If it would fall out, I think there is a chance that the socket will heal.

I know I can't take him back to the fish store now. I will either have to find another hobbyist to take him, or I will have to find somewhere for him. I do have a 10 gal I can put him in, but I know that's not ideal. But I am getting ahead of myself. First, he will have to survive.

If his eye is still like that tomorrow, I will see if there are any vets in town that see fish.

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