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  1. jim55379 Member Member

    Hey is this new I never ran into it before. I think it's really great and also movies.... (Mpegs) ;D Nice!!!!
  2. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Hi Jim - yeah it's new. It's free to upload your fish and aquarium photos and movies. The photo gallery allows for bigger file sizes whereas you're limited here on the forum for the attachment size. I figured that we could use the gallery for storing our fish and aquarium photos to get around the file size limitations on the forum.
  3. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i am impressed at ur persistance jim with ur commitment 2 the hobby i hav just started my tank again after a mass of deaths but im goin cold water and thinkin of puttin goldfish white clouds, zebra danios and possibly a silver dollar but im not sure whether its possible but keep it up jim

    c w
  4. jim55379 Member Member

    Yes Craig I am relieved to know other people share in my problems as well. I don't wish bad upon anyone just nice to know someone else has failed also. My last time I went to Wall mart I was just going to return my 3 dead pictus cats for refund but the lady told me to go out and pick up up 3 more. I was reluctant but did so. I had a quarantine tank running for about 3 weeks and also my 20. I bought 5 orange tiger barbs. They are doing great but my cats died a few days ago. At least I got smart from reading this forum and used a quarantine thus didn't infect my barbs. I have lost about 5 batches of catfish. My next trip I will try to return the dead cats for credit. Most of the employees just give you a refund depending upon which employee you get. If I get the lady again I am going to see if I can get a different kind of fiish or I will not get any at all. I love those cats but they are ick stricken and I am so tired of trying diffenent things heat, chemicals, prayers..... nothing has worked so am retiring from these fish and will stick to my trusty goldfish and barbs..

    May the late Great Kirby Puckett Rest in Peace!!!
  5. jim55379 Member Member