fishlore needs a chatbox

  1. ivonko Member Member

    I have noticed from my short time of being on fishlore that there are around 10-20 people that are on here a lot more often than others. these people basically have conversations on threads, this communication method not only puts multiple pages onto random threads but is also a very ineffecient* way to converse

    along with that i have noticed that there are some things that arent exactly what you would post but great things all the same.
    for example, today i was on aquabid and saw java fern for sale for 50 cents a bush. i would love to share this information with all the people on here but it doesnt seem useful enough for an additional thread,

    Finally when a person has a question right at this moment it is tough sometimes to have to post a new thread and wait for an answer because people are reading other threads at the time.

    The solution??? Chatbox, i am a member of multiple forums, one of which has this feature and it is amazing, any questions or opinions i want i can get instantly and the people that are regulars on that forum can actually converse and share knowledge in a quick and effective way.

    I understand that i am a new member and may not hold a lot of weight in this community but if you think about it this is really the way to go for improving the overall experience of this site.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    I was thinking about this the other day and I totally agree with you! A chatbox would be a great way to talk to each other without crowding up threads.

    Maybe Mike will see this and chime in.

  3. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    I recommended it to mike while we got the upgrades he didnt really want it but will see.
  4. ivonko Member Member

    gotta get other people thinking about it. i know that everybody would only benefit from this addition but it needs to have enough people interested so its worthwhile for people like mike that can make it happen

  5. Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    The only problem I could see with this is new people would go right to the chat to ask questions that can be asked in threads.

    Maybe a better option would be a chat that members could add only other members that they wish to talk to, instead of one big chat.
  6. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    Or maybe making the chatbox only for members with 100+ posts then they might know the rules.
  7. ivonko Member Member

    you mean kind of like chat rooms for different subjects? i think keeping it simple would be easier
    i agree with imca, 100 posts would mean a person has a basic grasp of aquarium keeping and has read enough to be competent and not ask questions that are already in multiple threads.

  8. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    I agree that certain members tend to use the forum more for chatting than for posting/replying to posts. This can get annoying when you're only looking for information.
  9. ivonko Member Member

    and certain posts have simple answers that can be answered in chat with no need for new threads! so it would eliminate both types of waste :) lol the fishlore socio filter
  10. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    This topic has come up before over the years. The biggest problem with this is that we allow members who are very young to join. Its a family site where many parents trust the site. Unfortunately we would have no control over the content of such a feature and Mike has determined this. Although it was awhile ago that it was discussed, sending him a PM about it never hurts :)

  11. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    You can have the chatbox moderated where you cant say certain things,And also you could have a general chatbox and then a mature disscusion not anything inappropriate but you know what I mean.
  12. ivonko Member Member

    i know a method that was used before on a forum i was on was a small fee to be a "premium member" that was allowed to use chatbox, this fee was a minimal annual fee. this would help keep the chatbox portion of it to people that are able to use a debit/credit card or have paypal. i do not in any way mean that people under 18 shouldnt use this site, it is only used for the chatbox, the contents of which are more difficult to control. i have yet to find any inappropriate content on this site at all yet so i wouldnt think that it would even be a large issue.
  13. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Most questions that simple have usually been answered several times over, a search for simalar threads is already a option.

    I like the fact that people chat, it makes the forum more friendly. The mods do a prety good job of chiming in if the thread starts toget highjacked
  14. ivonko Member Member

    this is true. but every situation that is minutely different gets a new thread because there are so many variables involved because fish have different personalities and respond differently to individual stimuli. this is just my $.02 though. i have noticed mods around here do a great job keeping it clean but a chatbox would make a mods job just that much easier :)
  15. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, but it could also lead to questions not being answered at all. And if there was something important answered, it is better answerred in a thread, where someone with the same question can look it up easily. I also feel it may lead to newer members feeling excluded.
  16. ivonko Member Member

    Those are both excellent points. the chatbox is a tool though, threads are another equally important tool, i would not like to argue by any means, chatbox can be used alongside the normal thread system for questions, opinions, etc. this does not mean that threads would not get answered because people can be looking at threads and even discussing them while they are on chatbox which can allow a better answer because it was thought of and discussed by multiple people prior to being posted. so do you mean to say you are against the chatbox or being a devils advocate? :)
  17. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

  18. ivonko Member Member

    thank you so much for the link! i read through it and do see many good points from the side of the moderators and mike, but the solutions they offered (aol, msn chat, etc) are no longer actively used by any members. the ability to talk to people with similar interests as you is invaluable, if you compare it even to speaking to people on facebook there is a big difference, facebook (the modern aol or msn) is a way to connect with close family and friends, it is a lot more difficult to speak on a specific topic with multiple people at the same time.

    i do however understand that this is ultimately a decision for the moderators and owner of the site but as many people have stated already it would be a great way to move forward and offer a new tool to active members :) oh and i wanted to mention (regarding searching for old threads) a chatbox is an excellent way to share those links with people that have similar questions ;)
  19. sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    As Shawnie has said, this has come up in the past.
    My two issues with it:
    Number one, moderating them is more difficult.
    Number two, and far more important, it takes away one of the biggest checks of information on the forum; peer review. It is much more difficult for forum members to catch bad advice and respond to it.
    As an example:
    Fishlore will often have an exuberant new aquarist who wants to share everything she/he has learned about the hobby, but is still missing some of the basics (not picking on these people, by the way. Many of them end up becoming some of our best members, once they've got some experience under their belts). Let's say one of them is hanging around late one night, and notices someone's on chat, looking for advice. They provide said advice, but it's not correct, and will kill fish in the long run. Then the two members chat for an hour. The question and answer are buried among hundreds of lines of chat, and it's unlikely that anyone is going to come along and notice that the info that's been provided is incorrect.

    As has been said, in the end, it's up to Mike, but I am against a chat room for Fishlore. It would offer a bit of fun, but the headaches it would induce wouldn't be worth it.
  20. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    we could start a google group or whatever they are called... Then it wouldn't be on the Fishlore site, keeping it family friendly, but it would be something that members could get on just to chitchat. I kinda like having it all here though, so some threads get hijacked but at least it shows people surfing the web that we are nice forum with fun people, not bullies or have control freak mods that like to delete any unimportant posts like some forums...