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FishLore Forum Rules

1. Discussion and debating is encouraged but rudeness, insulting posts, inflammatory posts or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Controversial posts such as, but not limited to, politics and religion are not allowed. Above all, be respectful of your fellow members.

2. We will not tolerate posts that are sexually related or posts that use profanity. Do not use curse words in your posts. Most will be blocked. Don't use initials or special characters to circumvent the system to spell out inappropriate words either we still consider it using profanity. This forum can be read by the general public and as such, children have access to this forum. Posts of this nature will get your account and IP address banned and may result in further action. Let's keep it clean.

3. Spamming or soliciting using our member's email accounts or the PM system is not allowed. Poaching or soliciting our members to join another website is not allowed.

4. Please use the search features and see if your question has already been answered. Please use the most appropriate board when posting your question. Navigate to that board and post the topic from that location. This helps keep the place tidy and makes it easier for those looking for answers to their questions.

5. Outbound links that add to the discussion or help in some way are allowed. However, this does not mean that webmasters for other sites can use this forum to create links to their sites solely for the purpose of creating links. No self promoting. FishLore is not the place for you to gain hits, views or likes. Also, don't post s, links to sites and videos (like youtube) showing animal cruelty. Report these videos/sites to the website owner or proper authorities. Nor is this type of discussion allowed. A few external links will be converted to "google" or blanks, in which case that means that the forum will not allow that link to be posted. There are a few external sites (3) that we do not allow links to due to prior issues with them. Do not circumvent the system by trying to post these types of links, they are blocked for a reason.

6. Links in signatures and home page
- If they are links to other non-competing websites, that is allowed only if they are ok for viewing by the general public. No adult sites, gambling, etc. Include a link back to if you link to your website, youtube channel etc in your signature. It's only fair. Pre-made links to FishLore
- If they are links to competing websites (i.e. other fish websites, fish forums, etc) that is NOT allowed unless you get approval from the moderators. Send a pm and ask first, otherwise the link may be deleted.
- Affiliate links are not allowed (this is considered advertising see rule 7).
- Non-profit or donation links need to be approved first. Send a pm to Mike asking permission first.

7. Advertising is only allowed upon approval by If you would like to advertise your aquarium related business on FishLore we can create a sponsorship board for you. Please use the contact us form or send Mike a PM.

8. As this forum grows it will become more difficult to deal with posts that violate this policy. To help keep these posts to a minimum, please notify moderators of posts that violate these rules.

9. Multiple accounts originating from the same computer are frowned upon and viewed suspiciously. Some members have valid reasons for multiple accounts on the same computer - siblings, husband/wife, etc. If you create multiple accounts you may get banned unless you notify us that you have a valid reason for multiple accounts.

10. Please don't use content on the forum that is copyrighted! This includes text, s (including avatars) or video. If needed for the discussion, please use the link to the content instead of posting it on the forum. Credit sources where applicable.

11. No e-begging or making posts that could be perceived as asking for handouts, money, goods or donations from your fellow members.

12. These rules are very general by design and for a situation not covered under these rules, the moderators are allowed to use their discretion when handling that situation.

Photo Contest Rules - if you plan on entering the fish of the month and aquarium of the month there are a few rules to know about too.

Buy/Sell/Trade/Free Section - only for members with 50 or more posts. This is to prevent spammers from just signing up to sell stuff. No posts with links to external websites like craigslist, ebay, aquabid, etc. The BSTF forum is for FishLore members to buy/sell/trade with each other. It is NOT a sales channel for your business, unless you set something up where FishLore members exclusively get some kind of benefit from the deal. Contact a moderator before posting if you are unsure of the rules to get their approval.
AND do not try to bypass the 50 post limit by using other sections of the forum or visitor messages. B/S/T/F should only happen in this section and in PM (both of which require 50 posts or more to use).
Specific Rules for BSTF: Classifieds (Buy, Sell and Trade, Free) RULES!

RAOK-(Random Acts of Kindness) Only for members with 50 or more posts. This is to prevent spammers from just signing up to sell stuff.
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