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  1. Borngemini

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    Hello so brought a tank for the bedroom to move some of my fish out my not so big tank as many people have told me its overcrowded so now I wanna do a Fishless cycle and not sure how to start it how would u recommend I did it
    EDIT this time I'm asking before I make mistakes like last time

  2. AnthonyC4C

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    Set up the tank the way you want and let it run... Do you want live plants?

    The way I ended up doing everything right (notice i said ended I didnt do it right in the beginning either)was... just used plants and snails to start and did water tests and corrected my ammonia then after noticing what I thought my tank started cycling and asking a few questions here I did 60% water changes every few days, after 3 weeks everything was doing great BUT...I still redid my tank to better suit the UGF I am using.

    For cycling wise I feel I got lucky though...
  3. Nikita

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    When I cycle a tank, I use the classic "Fish Food Cycle". Basically add a pinch of fish food every day in the tank and test your waters once a week to check your water parameters. Once the water parameters are at 0 (Ammonia), 0 (Nitrites), and 5-20 (Nitrates), you should be good to add fish slowly.

    You see by adding the fish food, it will eventually decay and cause Ammonia. The Ammonia will start the cycle and from there it should be good to go.

    I've used the "Fish Food Cycling" on most of my tanks and it has worked every time.
  4. kellyiswicked

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    I know people also frequently use straight ammonia to cycle their tanks. Another option that would help in speeding up your cycle would be to use some filter media from your established tank - instead of starting from scratch, you'll start with some beneficial bacteria.
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  5. Nikita

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    If you do use some media from your established tank, you'll need to add fish with it at the same time. Media alone won't cycle a tank, it'll die off without an ammonia source.
  6. AnthonyC4C

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    Oh yeah I forgot I did also add fish food, I was worried that the snails would starve lol
  7. OP

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    I do have an almost cycled tank - nitrite 0.1 nitrate 5 ammonia 0 ph 7.0 can I also just do the filter squease, I will have live plants in not sure what there called but they grow and spread, my original tank has taken over 2 months to get to that level :(