Fishless Cycle

  1. MyNameIsFish Initiate Member

    Hi I want to start a 10 gallon tank for pea puffers and want the tank to be cycled before getting the fish. I'm planning on getting some anacharis and maybe other lowlight plants in the tank when setting it up.

    How do I do a fishless cycle?
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    Would you recommend I do the method of ghost feeding, and I just feed my empty tank every 12 hours? I am hesitant to try this because I've read it causes algae. I don't have any raw fish available or ammonia.

    I have another 10 gallon tank, but the filter media doesn't fit into my new filter. I don't want to take anything else out of my other tank because it has a pest snail infestation which I don't want to spread to the new tank.
  7. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Hmm, ghost feeding can cause a rise in phosphates, which would encourage more algae growth. Are you in the US? I found pure ammonia at the dollar store.
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    I am planning on getting some new tetras for my old tank. Would it be a better idea, instead of doing a fishless cycle, to use tetra safe start and the new tetras to set up the cycle in my new tank and then remove my tetras and add my pea puffers? This way I could use this tank as a quarantine tank while also setting up the nitrogen cycle in the new tank?
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    I don't know about other types of tetras, the only ones I am familiar with are neons and cardinals. I would consider those types to be too sensitive to withstand cycling.

    I like TSS+ but it doesn't work 100% of the time.. it's possible that the bacteria in the bottle has died. Either way, parameters will shift during cycling and there will be some, (occasionally high if the bottle is dead), ammonia and nitrite spikes. I have not used TSS+ with fish because I've never wanted some of the hardier fish that may withstand cycling better. IMO it's best to get pure ammonia... or you could try using hardier fish if you can keep them or rehome them afterwards.
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    I used ghost feeding to cycle my 20g, and I didn't get much algae. I think you would be ok using this method.
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    Okay thanks

    Thank you! Did you use tetra safe start or just set up the tank and ghost feed? Also, just out of curiosity, how long did it take your tank to cycle using this method?
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    I did not use TSS, it took me about 3 weeks.
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    Okay thank you!!! I think I'll try just ghost feeding.