Fishless cycle

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    reds Valued Member Member

    Hello everyone! I have another question ❓ I just got a new 30 gallon tall tank and I'm doing a cycle without fish. I understand the cycling process. However I am wondering if I start the process of cycling the tank without gravel substrate and then add the gravel a few weeks from now when I get paid, will I have to redo the cycle all over again? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. peregrine

    peregrine Valued Member Member

    Hi reds. Nope. Gravel will just give more places for the BB to grow. Your cycle is mostly in your filter media. Just make sure to have enough room in your tank for the gravel, and make sure to clean it really well when putting it in.
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    reds Valued Member Member

    Thanks for the info peregrine