Fishless Cycle?

  1. M

    Matt Ireland Initiate Member

    So last night all three of my danios died because the water was not cycled. I did not know what this meant. People were saying to drop fish food in the water to start a fishless cycle. I woke up today and now my tank is very cloudy. Is the cloudiness bacteria build-up? Is it good bacteria?

  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    It is most likely bacterial in nature. It can happen whenever there is a lot of uneaten (by fish) food in the water column. Unfortunately these are not the bacteria that you necessarily want because the ones that will give you a properly cycled tank adhere to surfaces and are not free-floating. You have to just live with the cloudiness for now though until the bacteria you do want make a home on your filter. Eventually they will eat up all the food in the water and leave nothing for the water-borne bacteria.

    Do you have a test kit?