Fishless Cycle With Fish Food

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i new to this hobby and kind of confuse with stability with their fish in cycle process. So right now i want to do fishless cycle, my tank spec, 10gallon, 3inch ADA substrate, bunch christmas moss and java moss, 4stem java fern and 4stem unknown aquaplant, got 1 baby betta and 3 albino cory will be put in once the tank cycle. Right now i need a proper step by step fishless cycle with fish food as im very hard to understand science language.I just redo the cycle now currently back to zero with 2 cory pellet, with 4ppm ammonia and 0.25nitrite, btw i put stability before once. Since i read at this site mention that stability is not stable as it declare. I be thankful if someone could help me


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Here is a link to Fishless Cycling that I would recommend you to read and understand the step by step process. My only suggestion would be to switch to ammonia as source rather than the food as you can control the ammonia levels better. It is not a must and you can use fish food but in that case check water param regularly and do a water change if ammonia gets higher than 4ppm.
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