Fishless Cycle Question

  1. lewnro Member Member

    Hey everyone, I am doing a fishless cycle on my 60 gal tank. I have pretty much started over and today is the first day of cycling. I am wanting to know in your experienced opinion, if I am going to have an african cichlid tank, prob 15 fish or so is it better to do the add and wait method or add daily method? I have the patience for either and I cannot get any fish for at least a month anyway so that part is not the issue. Thanks everyone.
  2. ThreadfinQueenx Initiate Member

    If I'm honest I have the most sensitive fish to water changes and they were fine since i used tetra aquasafe and tetra safestart I just took a few glassfuls of water out and replaced them now and again and checked my water parameters everyday. Just don't get worried if the water turns cloudy that's normal and will go away in a few days.
  3. lewnro Member Member

    @ThreadfinQueenx do you recommend the add and wait method or the add daily method?
  4. ThreadfinQueenx Initiate Member

    Just to be safe I would add then wait since adding the fish a few at a time can quarantine them before adding more it's better to be safe than sorry