Fishless Cycle Procedure With Tts, Accidentally Dumped 3x Water Clarifier Help

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  1. Gucci

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    First time posting on this thread, thank you in advance for any advices :)

    New to the hobby. I would like to know if my cycling procedure is correct on my Fluval edge 12.5 gallon, and how can i make it better? I am attempting to do a fishless cycle using fish flakes.

    Also I accidentally dumped in approx 30ml of Top Fin Clarifier on the first day, would that be fine considering I won't be adding fish in a couple of weeks. Would Fluval edge Carbon media eventually cleared up the chemical?

    Here is my journey:
    7/15 -
    + New Fluval media stage1,2.
    + Fluval large Moponi driftwood with Java Moss tied on(boiled 2hrs).
    + Carib Eco Complete (20lbs) & Carib natural sand (10lbs rinsed).
    + 12gallon tap water + Prime Declorine 1.2ml
    + Top Fin water clarifier (ACCIDENT +30ml) 3x over
    + Fluval plant Gro+ 1.0ml
    + 2 plants & 1 moss ball from 1 month old tank.

    + put old 10w heater from old tank
    + removed 1 gal of water for increase O2
    + 1 pinch fish flakes

    + Mixed up sand and substrate because of the look
    + Tetra Safe Start 10 ml
    + Ammonia 0.25ppm
    + Cloud water, with white slime observed on wood

    + Water cleared up, but brownish
    + White slime doubled
    + 1 pinch fish flakes

    Also how do i upload pictures on post...

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    click "Aquarium Photos" at the top, upload pic, click on pic and copy the code on the right and paste in post.

    don't use more chemical than absolutely necessary. the carbon might take it out. but just do a water change to remove the excess chemicals.

    do you have a test kit for ammonia nitrite and nitrate?
  3. OP

    GucciNew MemberMember

    Yes I have the strip test kit for nitrite and nitrate( when should I test it?). I read somewhere that I shouldn't perform water test and water change at least for the first week into the cycle. SO should I still perform water change?

    As well should the white slime be a concern? and is me keep adding pinch of fish flakes every 2 days fine?
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  4. Skavatar

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    test weekly.

    since its fishless cycle, you don't have to do water changes unless ammonia goes above 4ppm.

    white slime on the wood is usually ok. did you boil the wood first?

    dont add more flakes until you tested for ammonia, if ammonia is less than 1ppm, then you can add a little more food.