Fishless cycle problem


So after 6 weeks of fishless cycling with ammonia... the other day my Nitrite reading went to 0 and ammonia this evening my nitrite is still 0 but the ammonia is 2-3 and Nitrates are still sitting at 5-8 ppm
with no rapid rise like everyone says is supposed to happen

Do I need to wait for a huge nitrate spike in the red zone to consider my tank cycled? I'm using the API kit

I'm at a loss...last time I was in this position I did an 80% water change and lost all if not most of my bacteria and my Nitrites shot through the roof for another 2 weeks

2 weeks later I'm stumped, do I stop ammonia feeding and wait and see

Why did my ammonia go up?

Is my cycle stalled?

Do I need to do a water change?

Here's the data:

Tank 46 gal bowfront

Temp 84
PH 7.2
KH 3 degrees
NO2 0
NO3 5-8


HOT Magnum with Biowheel Charcoal
Hydrosponge III


Powerhead with bubbles

Please help!


Once you have consistent readings of 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and have some nitrates, your tank is cycled. It's still in the process but you're getting close!

When's the last time you added ammonia?

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I added some this my reading is 2-3ppm usually by this time in the evening the bacteria have consumed all of it...last night I took the reading at the same time and got 0...wonder why it would go up? Are by bacteria dead?
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Oh yeah and my tank is very very....very cloudy...been that way for about a week now
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Okay good news!!!

Did a partial 20% change yesterday and now another today...

I reduced my ammonia feed to 3 drops per 10 gallons (about 13 for my bowfront)

Everything seems stable after numerous API testings..

Tank is clearing up about 80% clear with 100% being the best

All readings look good

NH3/4 = 0, NO2 = 0, NO3 = 7, pH = 7.4, KH = 4 deg, Temp 81

Adding fish tonight


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