Fishless cycle has been stuck for 2 weeks


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Hi :)

I'm currently cycling my 12 gallon, which will eventually house my female betta, Amano shrimp, Nerite snails, and maybe some schooling fish. The cycle started quickly, and within two days, the BB were converting ammonia to nitrite and nitrate. Unfortunately, a power outage left the filter off for around 24 hours before I remembered that I had to turn the filter on again :nailbiting:. Anyways, once it was on, I restarted dosing 2 ppm of ammonia, and gradually it was consumed in around 3 days.

Fast foward to around a week later, and 2 ppm of ammonia goes down to 0 in 24 hours or less. BUT nitrites are off the charts, and nitrates don't seem to be increasing, even though they had been in the past. Did the 24 hour break kill the nitrifying bacteria? Do I do a water change or leave as is?

Thanks in advance for the help :D

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