Fishless Cycle Bacterial Boom

  1. MelanieM

    MelanieM New Member Member

    Hi, I'm starting up my 140 L / 40 gallon tank. Substrate washed and in, rocks cleaned and in, logs in, and put dirty water from my other tanks media into new filter. Filled up and added primer.

    Woke up to find it all cloudy. Do I wait it out or do partial water change?
    How could I have prevented this, did I miss a step in the process?

    Also ammonia wise. Should I do fish food in a stocking? (read that will stink) or buy ammonia drops rather?

    Should I get my airstone going too? Read the bacteria need this

    Any other nitrogen cycle tips are welcome

    Thanks Mel
  2. Initiate

    Initiate Well Known Member Member


    Its completely normal to have bacterial blooms during cycling just the bacteria establishing. Airstone isnt needed, put lots of fish food in the tank to make sure there is a lot of ammonia for the bacteria
  3. TexasGuppy

    TexasGuppy Well Known Member Member

    I've read you need just a pinch? Airstone can help if you run higher temp and don't have surface agitation. 84 is best temp for fishless cycle. High pH is better, 8.0 is best. Don't do WC unless nitrites get too high. I believe partial change above 2ppm. There are detailed instructions in the sticky I believe.