Fishless Cycle Almost There Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by NoOne, May 19, 2019.

  1. NoOne Valued Member Member

    Using Dr Tim's ammonia and his one and only. Had trouble keeping ph greater than 7 fir a bit so it slowed down the cycle. Back on track
    Ph 8, ammonia 0, no2 0.5, no3 80.

    Did a partial water change, used api stress coat plus, added more dr Tim's one and only.

    Should I redose the ammonia if the no2 is now below 0.25?

    Oh yes this was the day after having dosed with 2ppm of if I add more it would be the second day in a row.
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  2. RobinIsACattto Valued Member Member

    I would keep adding ammonia every time it goes down to 0.25-0 so your BB stays fed.

    Sounds like you're very close, though! Best of luck!
  3. Skavatar Well Known Member Member

    keep ammonia dosed at 2ppm, until there's not nitrites at all.
  4. NoOne Valued Member Member

    Thanks you guys. That's what I did. Fingers crossed to get fish this week.