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    I didnt know Where to put this so I hope its in the Right spot. I was wondering what other fish food is out there. Im currently useing a few tetra flakes for feeding. I dont really see any other brands. I was Wondering what other brands/type of foods are out there and were would I go to get them. Lastly I herd a few difforent opinions on tetra flake food just wanted to here what others think about it.

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    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    Personally i dont think the brands matter too much but i do check the levels of protein, fat and ect listed on the back.
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    It only took me a week to discover certain brands were cleaner than others. I was using Tetra flakes and granules and then switched to Omega One flakes and granules. The tank stays less messy and the water is cleaner.

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