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    my sister looked in my tank today and my guppie was dead it was a feeder guppie and has been alive for at least 8 months now i was wondering if he could hav died from old age or from a diseas please help dont want more fish to die if its diesase
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    if it was only 8 months then it probably wasnt old age unless it was pretty old when you bought it(guppies usually live around 2 years). So it was probably a disease. Can u give some more info on what the fish looked like after or before its death like spots of white or bloated. something like that.
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    sry cant test the water dont hav any testers my grandpa never had any and he kept fish for over 60 years so i didnt c the need to get one but i might soon but the fish had a round stomach idk if it was pregnant or had bloat and it just looked dead nothing unormal
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    Get a test kit!! Your grandpa probably didn't have one because they weren't invented yet. You need to be testing for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates every week. They can build up through no fault of the fish keeper (or, more often, through an unnoticed mistake of the fish keeper) and kill all your fish for "no apparent reason." The best kits are liquid test kits that come w/ a test tube and indicator drops. They are expensive initally but last a long time. Your good bacteria can't remove nitrates like it can nitrites and ammonia, and if it builds up too much without your knowing it can begin to harm your fish.
    Make sure to keep an eye on your other fish to see if they start dying or showing signs of disease. Sorry about your loss :'(