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    burntolive87 Initiate Member

    so i got this 10 gallon tank and im moderatly new at raising fish (has some experience back in the day) so i was wondering if people can suggest some species to put in. i was originaly thinking about a red tailed shark and a cory cat and even some danios. can anyone suggest how many i should get of the ones which would be best. thanx
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Danios and cory cats would probably be fine for your 10 gallon, but not the red tailed shark. It gets too big for your size tank. Cory cats, a betta, and neon tetras look nice in a 10 gallon, although I have terrible luck with the neons. There are quite a few choices out there. My 10 gallon here at the house has multies in it, but that might not be the type of tank you are looking for.

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  3. atmmachine816

    atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    ya if u wanted a redtail u would have to get probly a 20 gallon so if u wanted to start him in the ten then move him ud be ok but definatly get some corys a dwarf suckermouth catfish would be good and some fun fish to watch are zebra danios my friend has 10 of those and the suckermoth and a penguin biowhele for ten gallon and his tank is fine but if u wana fill ur tank up to the limit make sure u hav a good filter i personally like to overfilter so get a 20 gallon filter unless u alrdy hav a filter
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    mjh4y Initiate Member

    Hey Gunnie,

    You mentioned you had horrible luck with neons ~ I really like them, and my wife really likes cardinal tetras ~ I read somewhere that cardinals are more sensitive and less hardy fish compared to neons, though neons are less hardy than danios ~ could you shed any light onto why you may have had bad luck with neons? Any lessons I can learn before I purchase some neons and/or cardinals and have bad luck as well?

    Thanks in advance!!!