1. eliscofield12 Member Member

    I am planning on starting my second aquarium and was wanting to know what i should put in it. it is a 20 gall high and I want it to be a freshwater tropical community tank. i like the bolivian ram so I want some fish compatable with them if at all possible. If I can keep the bolivian rams in my tank how many should i do and what fish could be their tank mates. If I can not keep them what other centerpiece fish could I have besides gouramis, I already have 2 of those in my other tank.

    Never mind on the Bolivian rams I ment German blue rams.
  2. No Fishing Member Member

    Imo rams need at least 30 from what I've read although you could probably get by with a school of cory, small community school and a pair of GBR. GBR need warm temps though, around 82, so you want to make sure whatever you get with them should be temp compatable. Although like I said I'm pretty sure rams are suggested to he kept in a bigger tank.
  3. eliscofield12 Member Member

    Ok thanks from what I've read the only ram I could do is the GBR. So if it will work what else could I put in there.
  4. No Fishing Member Member

    Bronze, sterbai, albino, Alfonsi cory are temp compatible. I love the look of sterbai and they have great personalities too.

    For schools, rummynose, cardinal or ember tetra are all compatable as well.
  5. eliscofield12 Member Member

    so could i do this.
    2 GBR
    6 sterbai cory
    10 cardinal tetras
  6. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Think you mean Alfons' brother Adolfo

    To me a 20G is quite small for schooling fish like cardinals and rummynoses though those are beauties.