Fish won’t heal completely.


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I have 2 goldfish in a cycled 55 gallon tank with 550 gph filtration. I could never get the ammonia under 0.25ppm no matter how many water changes I did and it turned out it was my tap water having 1.0ppm ammonia. I have tried ammonia Neutralizer, not sure if it’s working, I haven’t seen any difference in the fish.

Long story short both of my fish have had dropsy for almost a month now. One had very severe pineconing and was very bloated and the other was only a little bloated with only a couple scales sticking up. I have been treating them with salt and amoxicillin and they have been acting normally and the pineconing and bloat has been reduced to ALMOST nothing for a few weeks. They act normally.

I am just frustrated because I cannot get them to heal completely and it’s like no matter what I do there is ammonia in the tank because of the tap water and the fish always have a small portion of scales sticking up and are always slightly bloated. I am going to try switching to fish flox instead of fish mox. Can anyone give me any advice on anything? I just don’t know what else I can do.


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Ciprofloxacin is a better bet. Amoxicillin and other penicillins aren't really good for fish since they treat mostly Gram positive bacteria that only cause a small minority of infections in fish.

Dosage is 1 gram per 10 gal. Do a big water change and re-dose daily. This could get expensive if you're not using a hospital tank or using medicated food (which has its own drawbacks).

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