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I can't remember who or where but someone was talking about how they like fish with personality over colorful fish. Whoever this was, or anyone really, could you give a list of fish with a lot of personality and character? Thanks.


I'm not sure but it might have been me...but even if it wasn't here are a couple fish like that I can think of:
Bettas--male or female
Livebearers (my girls are so amusing!...I have never had males)
Puffers (if you can find Dwarf Puffers they sound quite a bit like Bettas)
Catfish are not like Bettas or something but most have a great personality...I'm guessing the bigger ones (like Plecos) more so than the smaller ones.
Most shoaling fish don't have as much individual personality.


My female betta has a lot of personality, also my panda cory's. The other cory's I have don't seem to be as amusing as the pandas. I also have a male guppy that is very amusing.


Clown loachs have loads of personality,but you will need a big tank for them as they will grow to 12 inches, but they are crazy fish.Like CherI Ann said betta are good I have a male and hes allways doing something .


Agree with Omorrokh in that cats have a lot of personality. I have 4 small sherba cory cats that act like schooling fish and are fun to watch. Plecos can be amusing too.


hI ebbandflow I have to agree with boff clown loaches are cool fish..there like puppy dogs always in and around anything you put in the tank.. they say fish only have a short memory but I'm sure clowns are really inteligent and smart fish..and if you like attitude then tiger barbs are good they constantly play chase each other around but u need to get six or more or they will be agresive towards other spiecies of fish in your tank..
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Cool... all good ideas guys. I have about eleven cories now and I know what you mean. I think one of the fish that whoever it was mentioned was angel fish. I've never actually seen angels. They look real cool though... in pix.


It was in my post of Help! Huge tank, we were talking about what fish I should put in my 300g - I decided on oscars, they really have a lot of personanality, they beg for food and eat out my hand, they are also quite cheeky, they almost like little puppies...

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