Fish With Injury/tumour??

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Skittle1111, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Skittle1111New MemberMember

    My male platy has a red growth, in between his body and his tail. I will include photos.
    He seems happy, he chased another fish away, moving normally.
    What would be my best cause of action?
    Tank details:
    Planted aquarium with sand bottom.
    Large platy breeding population, plus a few corydoras.

    Thanks so much!
    (I can upload more photos if necessary)

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  2. ChiefBrodyValued MemberMember

    Definitely move the fish. Some would toss it your call but 1 fish isn't worth your colony
  3. OP

    Skittle1111New MemberMember

    Thanks for the response!
    That's probably the best idea...
    Do you have any idea what it may be though?

  4. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    It is cancer - melanoma. The black spots on Xiphophorus (the Genus platys are placed in) often turn into cancer. Shiny black is fine. Dull, light absorbing black isn't. A not very fun fact is that Dr Myron Gordon, a platy and swordtail breeding doctor in the 1920s recognized this and started using the fish for research, and the Xiphophorus genome is one of the more mapped ones out there now. Platys and swords are used extensively in the research of genetic/inherited skin cancers, and a lot of our varieties of fish are the result of laboratory work.
    Some of us may be alive because of what was learned from these fish. That said, your poor guy is doomed. He has inherited a lethal disease.
  5. OP

    Skittle1111New MemberMember

    Oh no that's terrible!
    Would it be safe to leave him in there though? Until it starts to affect him negatively?
  6. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    It doesn't spread except via breeding.

    I bred a strain of swords that went through periodic cancer generations. They had lot of black on their bodies, and I learned to spot the dull patches. The tumours never stuck out like on your guy, but fish can be like birds when a member of their flock is ill - they kill it once it begins to act sick. I regularly had 100 swords in a large tank, and fish that developed Melanoma would only live a few weeks.

    Weirdly, research has shown females to be attracted to cancer stricken males until the percentages of cancer get high. Then they avoid them for a generation or three, and the cycle begins again. It is strange.
  7. OP

    Skittle1111New MemberMember

    Okay thank you so much for your help!
    I think I will leave him be until it becomes an issue.
    What's the best way you suggest to put him down?
  8. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    I bought a small vial of clove oil a few weeks ago. I used to be able to get it in pharmacies, but now, I have to go to an aromatherapy place. The people in there are very mystical, and noticed I looked like something different when I went in. They asked me why I wanted the oil and I explained it gently paralysed the respiratory systems of suffering fish, and put them to sleep, and eventually, killed them. I don't snort at it for my health...
    A few drops in a jar a third filled with water, and the fish will be knocked out quickly. It is the basis (in very low doses) of the sedatives used when fish are shipped. In high doses (half a dozen drops) it kills very quickly.
    I hate using it, but sometimes, it's all we can do.
  9. OP

    Skittle1111New MemberMember

    Okay, thank you!
    Yeah I know... I'll watch him for now, but once it goes all bad for him I'll have to take that option...

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