fish with camallanus worms

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by frogfan, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. frogfanValued MemberMember

    I am mostly certain this is my new guppies issue I found this image online
      and this is exactly what im seeing small red needles only sticking out a fraction of a mm or so I went to the petstore yesterday and let them know since these are brand new fish the likely hood of them coming from my system is slim. If they die I still have 3 weeks to get a refund but returning them would be pointless since I cant buy more fish there unless they treat their system. I will be using a levamisole hydrochloride treatment   as soon as I can find the stuff. The fish are not bloated yet and are eating still so my hope is that by the time i get the treatment it will not be to late but time will tell I will update this once treatment has started .
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    Camallanus worms can be some nasty parasites. I'm not familiar with the treatment you're using, but it certainly looks like it will work. Praziquantel also seems to take care of them pretty easily, if your treatment doesn't work. Good luck, I hope your fish get better soon.
  3. frogfanValued MemberMember

    Is praziquantel easier to find and dose?

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  5. frogfanValued MemberMember

    The fish now have ich im over these chain store fish they are going back and im going to start using the aquarium store i jist found out about
    Maybe ill try that first since its about half the price and easier to find

    Update fish are now back at store their fish specialist wasnt there but scheduled for an over night so i pointed out to the clerk who sold me the fish and took them back the worm coming from the female so she knew what i was talking about she said i teach her something new every time i come in thanks for that FL people with out you id know nothing

    petstore (chain store) just called me basically to tell me that the fish i brought back yesterday weren't sick.That they had no signs of worms or ich and that worms are much more common in gold fish then guppies.I cant help but feel like they are blowing smoke i had those fish for close to 10 days and when i brought them back yesterday i showed the sales girl the worm the fish was pooping at the time and u could still clearly see the worm above the poop also they were very pale and were covered in ich 1 females tail was completely covered. I like buying stuff their because its convenient but I dont think ill be buying fish there at least for a long time. going to check out LFS around here tomorrow The kids want a purple, a pink, and a green guppy im not even sure they come in pink and green but im going to talk to them tomorrow and see what possibilities there are
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