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    Alright so I'm going to get right to it, my bala sharks have been showing some signs of sickness not action wise, but visual appearance wise they have a hint of red to their fins (pectoral and tail). So I went out and bought some PimaFix removed all the carbon from my filter pad and put the pad back in my penguin 200. I have been treating my tank for 3 days now tomorrow will be day 4, but it's a 7 day treatment they all seem to be doing better except for one of them. He has blotchy white spots and a tad bit of red on his pectoral fins. He's acting normal and eating, but his mouth is opening and closing rapidly. I'm afraid that he might die when I wake up tomorrow because I think that the ammonia may be getting a little high without the carbon, but I can;t treat him if the carbon is in. He's not swimming weird he's just breathing heavily and his dorsal fin is sticking straight up what should I do? I still have 4 days of treatment left. Any help is welcome. Thanks.
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    In my experience, Carbon does not remove ammonia, it's the frequent water changes that do. I would stop feeding all your fish, to help lower the ammonia and help the fish focus on healing, not digesting. I don't know if water changes would take away the medication, but whenever my ammonia is high, I would immediately do a 20-50 percent water change. You should also watch for nitrates and nitrites. As for the white blotches? I'm pretty sure that would be ich or velvet, I would separate the fish to a quarantine tank and treat it with salt, I would also treat the whole aquarium. But for the time being, turn off all the lights in the aquarium to reduce as much stress as possible, limit water current, and hold off feeding.
    Hope that helps

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    Can you take a picture of the fish with the white splotches?

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum :)

    I'm guessing if you have a penguin 200 and a bala shark, then your tank might be too small. This maybe part of the problem.

    Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?