Fish to Stock with Gourami?

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  1. mearatiara

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    Hi, I will be stocking my aquarium in a few weeks and I'm trying to get a head start on picking fish. I love dwarf Gourami's, but don't know what other fish to stock with them. I also love blue rams, but read you can't put them with Gourami's. What other fish do you recommend for a 60 gallons hexagon tank that is 31" tall, 24 diameter, and each hex side being 12"? Also, you can recommend plants as well. My substrate is sand and I will have low lighting. As of now, I have two 8 watt bulbs that are each 4100k. I couldn't find any other 14" long fluorescent bulbs on Amazon that were over 4100k.
  2. bettamars

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    I have a honey gourami with a Bolivian ram in a 20 gallon. I've never heard of not being able to keep a dwarf gourami with a German blue ram so you could definitely do that, but keep in mind that you'll have to get fish that can handle the higher temps that the GBR requires.
  3. DanB80TTS

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    Any type of Tetra should be fine with a dwarf gourami, Cory cats too, anything peaceful should be ok.
  4. OP

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    Should I have two center piece fish since my aquarium doesn't have a lot of surface area? I would love to have a Gourami and a ram, if possible!

    Would guppies,platties, or mollies be ok?
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  5. Anders247

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    You could do that.
    Yes, they'd work.
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  7. TexasDomer

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    Just make sure you get warm water cories that can handle the warm water requirements of the ram! Sterbai and aeneus would work well.
  8. Anders247

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    As would C. gossei, seussi, oiapoquensis, duplicareus, and adolfoi. Remember to get at least 6 of one species, mix and match is not going to work.
  9. OP

    mearatiaraValued MemberMember

    Wow! I've never heard of those species of cories! I love the last 3 you mentioned. Hopefully I can find a LFS that sells them around where I live.
  10. Anders247

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    Yeah, adolfoi is my favorite of the group.
  11. Coradee

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    Adolfoi & Duplicareus are often misidentified in Lfs as they're so similar.
    There can be quite a price difference between them, adolfoi are usually more expensive so make sure of what you're getting.
  12. OP

    mearatiaraValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the tip! :)
  13. OP

    mearatiaraValued MemberMember

    One more question.. does any ram and gourami get along? Or do they need to be certain species and gender?
  14. bettamars

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    You could do any gourami suitable for your tank as long as it's peaceful. Since it's a hex which means a smaller footprint, I would recommend a honey or a dwarf gourami. I have a red honey gourami and he is beautiful! You could get any ram. I chose to get a Bolivian because they're less fragile and its my first tank. There are different color variations of GBR that you could get (electric blue, golden, or regular) but they all have the same "fragile qualities" while the Bolivian is a little hardier :) I also chose to get a honey gourami instead of a dwarf because about 25% of dwarf gouramis get a dwarf gourami specific virus that kills them. I got my honey and Bolivian just to avoid those situations all together, but I don't mean to scare you away from either GBR or dwarf gourami as they're both beautiful, but I thought I'd let you know about the potential issues.

    Edit: also, it doesn't matter the gender of either (unless you get more than one, which I wouldn't suggest), but in both the honey and dwarf gourami the females are more dull and harder to find, so I would just get one. And I would just get one ram of whichever you choose because they usually sell the Rams as juvies so they can be hard to sex. Also, to get a pair, you either have to buy 2 tat have already been paired (I think there are places that sell them online) or you have to add 1 male with 5ish females so that he can choose his mate. And then you would probably have to rehome the rest. So 1 male honey/dwarf gourami and 1 of the prettiest Rams you see at the store would do nicely in your tank :)
  15. KarenLM

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    They are both really beautiful IMO.