Fish That Are Around 4-6 Inches


What fish around 4-6 inches do you recommend that are peaceful ?


Scissor-rail rasboras get around 4 inches or so, they are pretty peaceful in my experience.


Depends on the tank size and if you want as a centre piece fish, either fish, topwater fish, bottom dweller. Also the other fish that will be in the tank


I know several kinds of gourami get 4-6", so maybe one of the more peaceful minded types could work as well.


Pearl gouramis to go along with two post above me .
Need to know tank foot print.
Denison barbs and Congos for the win if your tank is big enough.

I'll be the one who recommends the fish no one will but all want.
Clown loaches ,again if tank is right size [ inline with Denison barb ].
I have clowns now some over 25 years old that never spent one day in less then 135g 6' tank that are barely over 6-8 inches . They are not all the monsters many say and most of us common keepers can't imagine a fish living 25 years so what's to worry about.
The best fish of all, next to the Denison's in freshwater good sized tanks IMO.
I have had all the fish I spoke for and would /will again.

86 ssinit

I second clown loaches! My pair are over 8 yrs and 5 and 8”. Still as active as when first got them. They are in a 90g. Funny fish. They actually sleep.

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