Fish Tb, Parasites Or What?! Help !

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Last time I wrote about ICH disease thinking my fish got it. Now they don't have it because I don't see any dots.
Unfortunately I see other symptoms.
I was scarred of another disease called Fish TB (FISH TUBERCULOSIS/Mycobacterium).

About 4-5 months ago I got as a gift some platies and guppies and other fish.
One of them was deformed (looking down on it the fish had shape like "S"). That platie died in short time.
I remember that whole situation started from those new guppies.
Since I got them some guppies was dying from time to time. Disease develops in long time, finally fish was looking very poorly and they had sunken bellys.
Some days ago one of my female platies died. That fish seemed looking poorly from some time. In the moment of the death, fish had a normal belly, bulging eyes and was hidding on the bottom of the tank.
Lately my old White cloud mountain minnow died too. He had scales stand out (pinecone appearance), bloody husks.

Now 2 of my guppies has sunken bellys and poor condition and they swim unsteadly! I have moved them to the another tank.

On the sides of my two platies has some kind of marks. It could be losses in their husks (the marks are not big).

I have a LOW TECH tank and I threat my fish well. There is a lot of live plants in the tank. Fish eats only healthy food and I don't use any chemicals.
The fish from the main tank still rubs (it happens from 4-5 months). Five months ago I had ICH and I've curried it. Now my fish are still rubbing but it can't be Ich.

Is this a TB disease? It seems to be symptoms of TB disease but the fish having TB should not rubs. What do you think?

Could it be something different or some kind of parasites?

I want to cure it quickly(now the fish eats homemade fish food with garlic).

Does the anybody know something about how to help with this kind of disease? I would like to use natural methods and chemical treatment as a last thing.

My fish would be very grateful for some help!!








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Sounds like the first platy had scoliosis, second platy had popeye, and minnow had dropsy.
Sunken bellies and strange poop almost certainly indicate internal parasites. By what you've described, it doesn't sound like TB and I hope it isn't. Unsteady swimming sounds like swim bladder disorder. I can't see what you mean by strange marks on the platy.
First, can you give some information on your tank size, stocking, and water parameters?

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Thanks for all answers! Unfortunatelly I don't have any aquarium test, only PH meter and it says 7,6-7,8.
It's a LOW TECH tank(in Diana Walstad style) so there is a lot of PLANTS, so the water quality should be good!In LT tank sholudn't be often do water changes, because the plants are taking care about water quality.

The water temperature is 28C / 82F. The water is probably slightly hard/medium hard (taken from water supply side from where I live)

I've seen that my guppies has clear/white poop. Does it mean my fish can have parasites instead TB disease?
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An aquarium test kit (such as the API Master Test Kit) is extremely helpful, because you can look at your parameters then figure out a water change schedule that suits your needs.

Even low tech tanks need regular water changes, unless you have very few fish with a lot, and I mean a lot, of plants. What fish are in the tank and how large is it?

The temperature is a bit too high as well. The ideal temperature for guppies and platies would be around 77 F or 25 C. Water hardness and PH really doesn't matter as long as they are stable.

Yes, the clear/white poop signals parasites more than TB. However, before you begin medicating for anything, I would suggest doing large water changes daily (~40-50%). Improving the water quality might help the fish get better on their own.
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Wow people are really learning from me.
I would venture to say the guppies do have fish TB, that the other fish are just more naturally resistant to it. I would euthanize the lot of them.
You don't want that deadly disease creeping around your tank forever, stearlize everything if you choose to put them down nicely. clove oil then drop in vodka or icey icey water
I don't think there is any med or high water gonna fix this tank. Symptoms of fish tb don't have to include bent spine
Not eating
Stringy white poo
Sunken belly
red dots or sores
Sometimes Bloated, especially new fish.
One way to find out would be to buy one single guppy, put him in the tank, and if he starts to hang and get bloated, its Fish TB.
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Yes, the clear/white poop signals parasites more than TB. However, before you begin medicating for anything, I would suggest doing large water changes daily (~40-50%). Improving the water quality might help the fish get better on their own.
Good advice I concur, he needs to check for worms as well, in fact better off just starting over.
Anything like this?

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