Fish Tb? Betta Fish With Curved Spine? Please Help!

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    I've had my Betta almost a year (I'm not sure how old he was when I got him but he was pretty small so probably only a few months tops). He's always had perfect health. However, a couple of days ago I noticed his spine is newly slightly curved near the tail (photos attached). He is acting pretty normal, has a normal appetite, totally active as usual, no signs of swim bladder issues. He does seem to have some difficulty swimming because of it but just slightly. His appearance is otherwise normal as well. Besides this slight bend, he seems totally normal.

    Although it doesn't look like the normal signs of bloating, I have been fasting him for a day and a half now just in case that's it, but nothing has changed. He lives in a 5 gallon tank ( with outtake covered in foam) and the temperature has been normal. I checked the water quality and every parameter was in perfect range.

    He has a hammock that he LOVES and he sleeps kind of draped over the suction cup a lot so I wonder if that could have caused this somehow? Has anyone heard of/experienced this? I hate to remove it because he sleeps there every night. He also likes to rest against the intake slits but I've read this is normal with a Fluval Spec and I can't imagine that could have done any damage.

    Does this seem like the beginning of fish TB? I’m terrified that’s what’s happening.

    Nitrate: 10
    Nitrite: 0
    Ammonia: 0
    5 gallon tank with filter and heater
    Been fully cycled almost 9 months
    ~78 degrees (slightly cooler than usual)

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  2. Colt47New MemberMember

    I have never seen this before. Did he always drape himself over the suction cup? if he has done that alot while he was still growing it might of caused this. My guess is probably as good as yours. There might be better responses
  3. Neruss8New MemberMember

    He does drape himself over the suction cup but he didn't have the hammock until he was pretty much fully grown.