Fish tank lid question

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    Logan Initiate Member

    i need to make a lid for my fish tank... i plan on making the lid out of wood...
    i was wondering if there is any thing inportant that i must keep in mind when doing so???
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Hi Logan.   Welcome to Fishlore!  I think you would be much happier with a glass top.  You can make one pretty cheaply by having your glass cut at a glass store, and buying the versa hood hinges from Dr. Foster and Smith.  It might even be cheaper just to buy the versa hood with the glass already cut to fit your tank.  If you have a wood hood, you will not be able to have lighting coming from the top of the tank.  Also, most wood you buy is treated, and that may be fatal to your fish because it's gonna be splashed a lot and it will drip back into the tank.
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    tootie Initiate Member

    to you Gunnie i was wondering what is a versa hood and hindges to go with it for the lid on top of ones fish tank is it a special design im wondering id so love to know as i find you have some brillent ideas about things i now use your teckneke with the air stone when doing water changes and i dont need to use any ph-up orph-down ever since you gave me that tip.So Gunnie a big thank you for all of your help over these last months i am so gratefull to you for all the help you give me.And all the best for the new year.Again thanks from Tootie.
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Tootie, click on the underlined words in my post. Those are links to the versa hood information. ;)