Fish Stocking Order? Question

  1. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I have a newly cycled tank and I'm wondering which fish I should introduce in what order? I have Rasbora & Ghost Shrimp in now but what goes next?

    Cory Cats
    Honey Gourami
    Otocinclus which I read should go in last. I thought I would wait at least a week or more between adding each fish. I also read that the GBR need to go into a well-established tank but what about the angelfish? who goes in first and then there's territory issues maybe
  2. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    I really wouldn't suggest putting GBR in with Angelfish, there may be some territorial issues with them. Also what is the size of your tank is it your 40g? Brings me to the next question also, what kind of Pleco do you have? I noticed it said Regular, do you mean common pleco? I'd return it if possible as they require 100+ gallon tanks. In adulthood they can reach almost 2ft!

  3. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    Yes it's my 40. The Pleco goes 2 my sister as soon as she gets her tank up & running. All the research that I've done on angelfish and GBR says they are compatible. Can you tell me what the order should be?
  4. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Its just if they were to breed if you got more than one, they get fairly aggressive after spawning I've heard. I could be wrong though with no personal experience. I'm thinking the Gourami, Cory Cats (which are schooling fish and should have at least 5 or more in their group), the Angelfish, GBR, and finally a good sized school of Otos, I'm thinking around 7 or so.