Fish Stats To One Side Of 55g Tank


Hello Everyone, I'm new to fish keeping. About 1 year old =).

My tank parameters are: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 and Nitrate 5. Current temperature is 82 F. I'm lowering it every 24hrs. It's summer and it seems that I may not need a thermometer.

I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank with
1 pearl gourami
2 angel fish
9 Rasbora
1 guppy
1 molly
2 Cory panda catfish

My tank is set up as this from left to right:

1/2 of my tank is clear the right 1/2 has my filter intake my thermometer, then my outtake pointing toward the right and Angled upward. Everything hidden behind the fountain.

My fish are all hanging out on the left side and occasionally will swim to the right side.

Is it because the current is too strong? I tried to lower the filter output so that it creates less of a ripple but it made no difference. How much of a ripple am I looking for? I was worried that my fish wouldn't get enough oxygen due to the high temperature in summer so I made the current strong until I get more information .

Thank you in advance.


How long have they been in the tank? They might be scared to go that far without friends or much cover.

I've found that some of my fish enjoy the current (guppy fry seem to spend half their day surfing it) while others avoid it. Our one tank has quite a bit of a ripple and current and the fish appear healthier in that one than the one that doesn't cause a lot of agitation.

What type/size filter are you using? (i.e. how much of a current is it creating?)

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My gouramI molly and guppy have been there 3 months, the angels 1.5 months, the rasboras are 1week and the corys are new today.

I am using a Canister filter Fluval 206. I think you might be able to see the rippling of the water on the right side of the tank in the picture.

The output is about 2.5 inches beneath the water.

I also feed them on the left side of the tank does that make a difference?


I would think that the cories, molly, and guppy might be more active and utilize the whole tank if they were in schools. But I’m no expert.
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Thank you I'll add more of them in the future.
As well, the left side has natural sunlight and less people traffic. Does that matter?

Ms rose

sorry this helps you none, but WHERE did you get those suction cup plant hlders from? I need those bad haha


my fish do this sometimes too in my 55g, they like to flex on themselves in the mirror lol
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Lol Ms. Rose I got them from amazon. Try searching "plant glass cup for aquarium" =)

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