Fish setup for 50 gallon south american tank

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  1. DrSahl

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    Hi there

    I've made a thread some time ago about some suggestions for my new tank. Here in my new thread, I would like to hear people's opinion about the different fish setup I have been thinking about and all advice and suggestions is welcome..
    Most of the stuff I have (roots, plants, etc) is based on Orinoco, but alot of it would fit perfectly into nearby biotops (it would be 100% but looking towards it)

    I might add that I am new to South American's and even tanks with plants.

    I've been planning this so far

    Setup 1 - Orinoco biotop.

    Cleithracara maronii 1 or 2 pairs
    mesonauta festivus - 1 or 2 pairs
    "Corydoras" not sure what yet - 2-4
    Rummynose Tetra - 10

    Setup 2

    I've been thinking about the
    Aequidens pulcher​
    I really like it alot, the problem is, I really want to be sure the tank is large enough, in local pet stores and half the sites online, they say its fine with a pair in lower than 50 gallon, but well it gets large, so is 50 gallons not to small for a pair of these? would love any advice here, I've only had malawi's and fish that size would never be ok. (I had a bigger tank back then)

    So would love any suggestions about "biotopish" tank mates that could go with them in a 50 gallon, or simple an answer that its a no go (as I lean towards myself)

    Setup 3

    Cleithracara maronii - 2 pairs
    Rummynose Tetra - 10
    "Corydoras" not sure what yet - 2-4
    (a fish that goes in the top like a hatchetfish)

    Setup 4

    Laetacara fulvipinnis - 4
    Cleithracara maronii - 2 pairs
    Rummynose Tetra - 10
    "Corydoras" not sure what yet - 2-4


    I've not yet fully decided on the corydoras, because I am still uncertain what the pet stores I buy from can offer, they can offer the other fish I suggested.. as it is not I am almost certain it will be setup 1, but I really like the pulcher. I've seen so many post great advice and exprience in here, so might as well hear you all out :) instead of sticking with the safe pick. you can always be suprised.
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    If you get cories, you should get at least 6. They're a schooling fish, and do well in groups of 6 or more. There should be plenty of room in your 50 gal for 6+.

    Sorry, I can't help with the other fish!
  3. OP

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    Ty will do that. I am still abit uncertain about what type..

    I did think about Corydoras Metae,since its also from Orinoco..
    I like the Marbled Hatchetfish as well, but I am almost certain, I wont be able to buy it in the local stores or anywhere in my country tbh.

    Hopefully someone will have some advice on the other setups, but setup one is almost a given.. Since I think the Pulcher is to big.. but its just so beautiful.

    Ty for the advice
  4. TexasDomer

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    Just make sure the type of cory you get does well in the temps of your setup! Some prefer colder water, some prefer warmer water. Coradee is a great person to ask about which cories would work for your temps!
  5. Coradee

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    I like Option one but up the number of corys to at least 6 as they're a shoaling fish & do best in larger numbers.
    I think it was me that suggested the metae & melini, Concolor would be another suitable orinoco species, but there are other corys that would suit your set up such as Adolfoi or Duplicareus if you didn't stick strictly to Orinoco species.
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  6. OP

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    I actually was pretty set on the first option, I knew from the start that I was limited with a 50 gallon. But the reason I ask about the other options is becuase its pretty hard to get the two other fish at local stores. But lucky enough I know a great store (its one of the larges cichlids stores in my country) and they have both the cichilds and rummynose, but its a very long drive for me..

    The secound option (the pulcher) is in almost every store and thats why I wanted to hear about it, I like the look of it but it will be hard making a good biotop with it I think.. still its very nice..

    I've already ordered the tank, plants, etc. the only thing I need is the fish (I need to cycle first) if I stick with option 1 (I am almost 100% set on it) then it would be dumb not to pick other orinoco fish.

    The Melini looks great as well! I just hope either that or the metae is in the shop, that would be a great setup.

    I still wound not mind to get information about the other setups, since I got family that might get fish or myself getting another tank :) Its often like that .. they spread.

    Ty for the advice. I hope to be able to post pictures and progress in anothe thread once its all ready.