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My husband got me a 120 gallon tank for our anniversary. I have had many tanks in the past my biggest was 25 gallons. I really like tetras but I am wondering if the tank is too big and how many I should put in the tank. I also like angelfish but after doing research I am not sure if they will mix well with the tetras. I am waiting for my tank to cycle so right now I am making my fish wish list and am open to any suggestions.
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for tetras, you could put about 50, along with other fish you would like. how about this?

25 neons
25 glo-lights
10 corys
and a prize fish you would like?
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you can pretty well put anything you want in there, angels and tetras should be no problem at all since there more than enough space for both species. with tetras, you need at least 6 for them to be comfortable.

as for suggestions, you could a really nice cichlid tank
you could get some rainbow fish for colour, or gouramis

if was me, I would tetras, platies, rainbow fish and gouramis

or, if you feel brave enough, you could do a salt water tank!
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You Lucky Loo! I bet your going to have such a fantabulous time with filling that tank. I'm jealous, but couldn't deal with a tank that size anyway here's to your great huuby and good wishes for all your fishes!
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Welcome to FishLore!

Awesome gift! You could look at any kind of fish really, even Oscars or Discus would be happy in a 120g. I think just look around, see what you like and research it.
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I think it might depend on the tetra species when having angels.
I know that glowlights and neon tetras have a very calm nature. Just remember to never keep barbs with angels or tets.
For other fish, livebearers are a very hardy and non aggressive choice. Platys are a great choice along with swords. Mollies and Guppies will quickly overpopulate your tank, so be wary when getting those types. It might even be wise to get all males, since they have better finnage and coloration so u won't have to worry about getting any fry.
Corys are also excellent fish and they do help clean the tanks as well.
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cherry barbs aren't very aggressive compared to other barbs
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nope they are really cool and active also

my 50 gallon I ahve

10 cardinal tetras
1 angel
2 bolivian rams
5 cherry barbs
6 corys
2 young plecos
alos a juvinille blue crayfish that I raised form a baby
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Thanks for the ideas!!! I am still looking around but I think I am going to go with just a few different species and up their quantities because I really love to watch the little guys school, it is so peaceful. I never thought about cherry barbs but I am going to check them out. I live in a small town so my fish choice is pretty limited. Has anyone ordered fish online?

Just a note on my hubby....he is pretty cool. I am pretty lucky. He even build the stand for the tank himself so it would match our entertainment center. However he is very bummed I am not going with salt water.
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After looking at the all the fish available my plans may be changing. I really like the tiger barbs and my husband and son want a shark. Any suggestions?
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What kind of shark do they want?
After looking at the all the fish available my plans may be changing. I really like the tiger barbs and my husband and son want a shark. Any suggestions?
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ohhh is it going to be planted?
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My tank is going to be planted and they like all the sharks.
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Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore!

Yum, Yum, I love that size tank, I have a 125 and it is so much fun.

My suggestion is to get 3 Bala Sharks, 6 Congo Tetras, 3 corys, and 2 Bristlenose Plecos to start. Then after the tank has been up and running for a couple of months get 10-15 cardinal tetras.

You and your husband would love this combo.

The Congo tetras are LOVELY, 4" adult with long flowing fins &
iridescent large scales. The Bala sharks are fast, flashy, and peaceful, will not hurt other fish, the corys and BN are a great cleaning crew and the cardinals are colorful, schooling and peaceful....

You must be doing something right for such a sweet guy to do this for you! Looking forward to hearing more about your tank progress...
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personally, I like the red tail shark, with a dark substrate the bodies get jetblack and the tail a bright red, but there's also the rainbow shark and bala shak that would suitable for your aquarium, stay away from the Iridesent (ID) shark, they grow to be around 36" and should not be sold as home aquarium fish IMO, as most people lack the resources and funds neccesary to raise a fish that size lol.
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Start with 10 and if you want more then get more if you have good luck with them. Neon tetras also go good with guppies and platys.
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My suggestion is to get 3 Bala Sharks, 6 Congo Tetras, 3 corys, and 2 Bristlenose Plecos

I was going to suggest the Congo tetras. They are magnificently beautiful and large! Bristlenoses would be great too. I'd go for 6 or so cories.

I have to disagree with the Bala sharks. They can get over a foot long each, are extremely active and fast swimmers and would be cramped in that tank.

A rainbow shark would be nice.
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All I can say is WOW!! lucky you
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I googled the Congo and they are nice looking fish. I like that they are a bigger treta. Thanks for the ideas, I will let you know what I go with.
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You could get a rainbow shark, or a redtail they usally swim at the bottom or hide in caves or tunnels

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