Fish-related Christmas presents anyone?

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Thought I would start a thread, so that we can all let each other know what fish related Christmas presents you have received today! ;D
What did Santa bring you?
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My girl and I bought my little sister a whole 10 gallon set-up to replace her 3 gallon bio-orb. 10G aquarium, fluorescent hood, and an aquaclear 20...good stuff.

It was expensive; but we never got her a birthday present this year...and my girl had a 30% off coupon to Petsmart from her employer.

(she's a vet-tech at The Banfield. The first thing she does upon meeting a new cat or dog is inspect them, much like how all of us inspect new tanks for algae and fish health )
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I didn't get anything fish related, but I got money to buy fish and.
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well, I have been given lots of moolah towards a bigger tank (that's what I asked for!) but I still am going to have Christmas day dinner at my aunt's house, so we'll see what pops up there! merry Christmas all! -fishlover78
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Ok, I got some christmas money so I went out and bought (all second hand) a 55g, 30 gallon long with screen lid, 2 x 10 gallon with lids and lights etc (for the betta babies) and a 75 gallon reef ready drilled with stand and salt water lighting and a brand new still in cardboard 90g (again second hand) all for under $250 (got to love the credit crunch for picking up cheap second hand tanks! ;D) You should have seen my little tacoma with all the tanks in the car! it was a tight fit but I did it!

I also got a watchman goby and some anthelia and a gift certificate for another salt water fish!

As for non fish presents .... none!

Yes MTS has taken over the life fully, now I need a new house with a basement so I can keep all the fishtanks in one or two rooms!

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We were on a tight budget, so I told my husband it was fine if he wanted to re-gift his birthday present to me since I wanted it more than him. lol

So.....I got a 5 gallon minI bow. Gee....just the right size for a.......hmmmm I wonder what?
My daughter got me a cool aquarium decoration.
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Got an IOU for that 33 gal fish tank off kijiji. Think I try finding a 40 gal instead
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So far, nope. But I didn't ask for anything fish related. I have a feeling that I will be getting a bunch of gift cards, so I may or may not use that to buy some fish stuff.
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no fishie stuff for me..but I am giving a great xmas fish gift to two oscars ...they will be leaveing me tomorrow for a much bigger retirement home...

anna, those are the best gifts ive heard of yet!!!!!!! I'm envious !
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Shawnie, i'm really happy too .

The 90g is going to be a sump for the 200g. The 55 gallon is going to be split and have a couple pairs of angels in for breeding. The 30 gallon long will be a fry grow out tank for Hubby's cichlids or my bettas or whatever else is needing a different tank to grow.

The 10 gallon will be divided into 3 and used as betta holding tanks, until I can sell the little ones.

The 75 gallon reef tank will be the upgrade from the 24g nano tank along with the gift certificate!

I have to say I love craigslist!


Merry Christmas everyone
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I settin' up my sons 10 gallon Betta tank, with divider , 2 bettas one on each side..
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I had a GREAT fishy Christmas!
My favorite present was the book Aqualog: The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters by Klaus Ebert. It's basically the Grey's Anatomy of puffer keeping, lol. I just love it.
I also got: a stuffed puffer that vibrates (supposed to be a massage thing), a little kid's book about a puffer from my little sis, a small toy puffer from my cousin that she gave to me so I could keep him with me so I won't miss my puffs as bad when I'm not at home (she's such a sweetheart), and the FUNNIEST thing I've seen in my life... my crazy friend who is the funniest girl on the planet gave me a homemade picture frame with a picture of her making a fishy face in it. It made me laugh for hours!
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Well, for those that didnt get any fish related presents, don't feel so bad, I didnt either. :-\ But.. as some of you said, you got the moolah.. lol.. and now you can go out and buy what you want!
WOWzers Anna.. that was quite the score on those tanks! Way to go there girl.. amazing finds for sure. ;D
SHAWNIE.. is giving up her Oscars! I knew you were talking about it ... waaaaah... I wish I had my 100 gallon tank.. I would have taken those beauties in a heartbeat! I just love them.. I wish the best of luck for the oscars wherever they are going. I know your going to miss them.. :-\
Tavel.. I bet your little sister is so excited about her new tank! awww...
how very nice of you and your GF.
PFP.. that is so funny... sounds like everyone knows how crazy you are about puffers... lol...
Well.. it sounds like everyone got some fantastic fish related gifts this year.
I did very well last xmas with fish related gifts, but none this year.. but I did get a early present in Novemeber when my husband bought me my newest additions the Parrot Cichlids.. ;D
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I got a 20 gal tank along with my xbox 360 and games.
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My betta, Alpha, along with his 10 gallon tank and stand, is an early Christmas present The stand arrived yesterday, so we set up the tank with the pretty rounded gravel and his favorite cave. He's swimming around right now, getting used to the big space. My friend's mom offered to give me some of her live plants, so I'll be able to pick those up soon.

I also got a water bottle, a shirt, note cards, and a note pad, all with fish designs on them, and a little wind-up plastic fish that moves its tail.
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HI Jugglo and minnow congrats on your new tanks! It is so much fun to set up a new one... ;D
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Yes, this is the first time I've done it myself. My dad set up our other two tanks. I'm so happy with the gravel, it's much prettier than I'd expected, and really smooth. The tank is right next to my computer, so I can see him while I type Such a nice Christmas present.
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Yes, this is the first time I've done it myself. My dad set up our other two tanks. I'm so happy with the gravel, it's much prettier than I'd expected, and really smooth. The tank is right next to my computer, so I can see him while I type Such a nice Christmas present.
HI Minnow,
it sounds lovely! Did you get the natural pea gravel? It is much smoother than the colored gravel. Are you able to post a photo of your new tank? ;D
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I'm not sure exactly what kind it is, it's just whatever they had at the PetCo. It's not pea gravel, though, it's large (about 3/4 inch in diameter) stones, in different colors. Some of them are reddish, others orangey, and some are more light brown. Very natural-looking, like what you would find in a river. Much nicer than the colored stuff in my other tanks.

I'll post pictures once I figure out my new camera (it takes pictures underwater- great for fish!) and put in the live plants. Right now it looks pretty empty, since the only decoration is Alpha's cave and the only fish is, of course, Alpha.

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