Fish, Plants, Inverts, and Decor/Driftwood FS/FT

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    I will update this every now and then if I ever get new stuff, or run out. At the
    moment there won't be too many fish or anything, but there will definitely be more
    soon, as I progress. I will try to give you whatever genders you want, if I can sex

    For some info on these fish go to my blog.

    SHIPPING: Priority Mail/Priority Flat rate:
    Flat Rate: $5.75 for plants & some inverts; and $11 for Bigger orders (3-4bags) of fish.
    Priority Mail: This is for smaller orders (1-2 bags) of fish or shrimp. And sometimes Plants. (contact me for shipping quote, ranges from $6-10).

    My DOA Policy is:
    -I am not responsible for USPS mistakes! I am not at fault if a package gets lost, delayed, or damaged.
    -But if the package is undamaged and arrives within the specified date(s), and any fish are dead, I will refund those fish (that died), or I will ship out replacements (you pay shipping).
    - You must send a picture of the unopened bag within 3 hours of arrival.

    Green Sail-fin mollies:

    Green Sailfin Molly.JPG

    003 (640x480).jpg

    Adult F0's/wild: $2.00ea
    Fry: .50 each
    Melanistic (rare) (1M & 1F available): $5 each or $8.50 for the pair, or $10 for a trio, plus fry.

    Least Killifish (great nano livebearers):
    018 (900x505).jpg

    Adults: 1.50 each

    Eastern Mosquitofish:
    012 (900x505).jpg

    Melanistic: $1.50
    Normal Adults: .10

    Bluefin Killifish (look great in Planted tanks):
    DSC00136 (900x675).jpg

    Adults:$2.20 each

    American Flagfish:
    (PIC SOON)
    $2.50 each
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    Golden Topminnow:

    Adults: $2.50ea.
    Juvies: $1.25ea

    Darters and Gobies:
    Swamp Darter (really cool fish)
    IMG_7731 (640x480).jpg

    Adults: $3

    ghost shrimp:

    Mix: $.10 each
    Berried: $.20

    Red Cherry Grade: $1 ea
    IMG_7739 (640x480).jpg
    Sakura Grade: $1.50 ea

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    Wild Caught jewel cichlid:
    DSC00149 (900x675).jpg

    Adults: $4
    Juvies (3/4-1 inch): $1

    Wild caught Salvini Cichlid-

    ONLY 1, 3-4 inch: $6

    Mayan Cichlid
    DSC00160 (900x675).jpg

    1": $2
    2-3": $4


    Amazon Mother Sword (sending 3 plantlets): $8

    (4x) 6"-1.5' long stems: $3.00
    (8x) 6"-1.5' long stems: $5.00

    Jungel Val-
    4-8" plant: $1.40 each
    9"+ plant: $1.75-
    IMG_7794 (640x480).jpg

    Golf Ball size portion (when squished together): $3 SOLD OUT FOR NOW
    IMG_7795 (640x480).jpg (the dark green plant on the far left)
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    May have to take you up on darters in a month or so.

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    @SolatarianNight, will do.

    I added more stuff above ^^^^
    Anyways here's some more stuff:

    Spawning Mops (shipping: 4.90, unless you get something else w/ it, which I suggest :p)
    Floaters: $2 Each
    Sinkers: $1 Each

    017 (640x480).jpg

    018 (640x480).jpg

    Miscellaneous medium-large pieces range from $10-$20.
    PM for pics and shipping quotes.
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    Bump, I added jungle val and subwassertang, I'm gonna add hornwort and maybe a few other plants later.
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    BUMP!!! Check out my other for sale thread, the Jungle Val is on sale!