Fish Pixel Art Commissions!

  1. graceo

    graceo Valued Member Member

    Hi there!!
    You may know me from my fish pixel art post (it got pretty popular on here)!
    I am a slightly struggling graduate who's saving to move out, so every dollar counts and is appreciated!

    Here is what I can do:

    Simple Fish Pixel - $2
    +$1 for every additional fish

    Complicated Fish Pixel - $4
    +$3 for every additional fish

    I’m going to be using PayPal requests for all of my payments. I’m a little new to this whole thing, so forgive me for any slip-ups. I’ll try my very best!
    PM me with all the details of what you’d like, then I will request money through PayPal once we’ve both okayed everything. I believe this is more flexible because you don’t need a PayPal account to pay. You can use a credit or debit card, as far as I know!
    Just send me a PM. If I don't answer a PM within 24 hours, email me instead! I might have missed it.

    Depending on how many commissions I get, how many pixels you want, and whether or not my life is busy, etc., etc., it will probably take 0.5 - 3 days.
    Disclaimer: I'm on vacation from August 10-14, so during that time, I can not complete any requests.

    Note: If something is wrong (not quite the right shade of colour, a stray pixel I forgot to erase, etc.), don't be afraid to let me know! Most things take me only minutes to fix, so I'd be glad to do tweaks for you. C:

    Thanks so much for reading!! ♡

    P.S. I am not limited to doing fish! If you would like anything else, just let me know! I can do other pets, family members, characters from shows you like, etc.