Fish not Eating at Usual amount

  1. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    My angelfish recently is not eating as much as usual it seems to be there at feeding times but struggle to eat. Like she gulps at it then spits it out again. My other angelfish is laying eggs every 3 weeks or more but as they are both females all the eggs just get picked off because there is no male to fertilize them. They protect them very strongly from the others. Why is it that the one that isn't laying or fertilizes must be female isn't eating as much as she was. She was always eating it seemed for two fish
  2. D

    Durbkat Member Member

    I've always heard that sometimes a angelfish will go on a hunger strike if they are upset about something or they just want a different kind of food. What size tank are they in? Is their any other fish besides the angels? What are you water stats?
  3. OP

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    I think she wants a different type of food because yesterday she ate the worms I gave her. The female guppy too I think I'll have to try a different flake food.