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Fish Love!

  1. Brokenshadows34

    Brokenshadows34 Valued Member Member

    Hey, guys!

    I'm in a mood to hear about some moments between you and your fish, and maybe a picture of that fish as well! Or, a fish that you rescued or saved and the story behind it!

    For example, I'll give you mine; my beloved black lace angelfish, Kai!

    She enjoys nothing more than to watch me through the glass, following me as I move about my room. If I put my hand up, she will rub on the glass where I touch it. I hand-feed her algae wafers, and when I siphon to clean out the gravel, she swims very close to my arm and almost seems to observe what I'm doing, tying to figure it out. She always flies up to the front of the tank when we sees my come in.

    I think she's grateful that I saved her from a horribly overcrowded angelfish tank when she was quarter-sized, four months ago. I know that you shouldn't really rescue the disheveled-looking fish with torn up fins, but now she's healthy and half-dollar sized, and look at what a beauty she turned out to be:

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405904987.859252.jpg
  2. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    That's a great story about Kai. I wish I had one like that, but I don't. It's always been a weird infatuation of mine to mimic a natural way of life as much as I possibly can. I don't ever feed by hand because I assume fish have it in their DNA to chase down or forage for their food.
    Athletes have long said that the best referees and officials are the ones that you never notice. That's how I want to be in my fish's world.
  3. blusshed

    blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Closest I have like that is my story about my Silver Dollar fish.

    He was about the size of a quarter when we got him, and he was alone in a tank. Bare bottom, no plants, bright light... Not ideal.

    they like to be in groups, but we got him as a loner anyway.

    hes became best friends with my Ranchu, and even races with the dwarf gourami around the front of the tank.

    he comes up to us and flies up to the top of the tank at feeding time. He's a real character. And doesn't seem stressed in the slightest that he's alone considering that I've read even groups can be stressed and very skittish...

    nice save with Kai! Real beauty!