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Please help! About a month ago I posted about my platy and ended up euthanizing her cause it was said she had tb. I had a Cory die about a week later. I have another platy acting super weird and I thought I saw white near her rear end so I treated the whole tank with general cure last week. Did 2 doses, 48 hrs apart. Removed charcoal before hand. Did a 25% water change after and put charcoal back in. I also returned 2 clown loaches and got 3 more cories right before I did this (they were to big for my tank and I only had 4 cories so wanted the better school for them and figured if I was treating it was good to treat the new fish as well). I had one of my old cories die so that brought me down to 6. The platy is still acting weird and starting to get the sunken stomach I think. Both her and the one I was told had tb came from petworld and the same tank. Actually every fish in my tank is from pet world except one lol. A few days ago my blue moscow guppy started hiding and staying at the bottom of the tank. I found him between the glass and a rock. Thought he was dead went to get him out and away he swam. He keep going to the bottom and sitting though. I got him out and in a bowl. Then one of the new cories started floating upside down! I got him out and put him in the bowl too. He wasn't floating in the bowl when I left (have to get my mom from surgery) What am I doing wrong! I took them out cause I was told if they die in there and it's tb and the other fish nibble at them they can get it. I do a 25% water change every week. I am cycled and only clean my filter media in old tank water every few weeks. I use prime and stability. I'll test the water when I get home to check but the levels are always good and I use API water test kit. I feed flakes and pellets. Shrimp pellets for the cories a few a week and an algae wafer for a treat every few weeks. I have driftwood, Anubias, moss balls, fake plants and decorations, 2 air stones and 2 filters. I also have a glofish danios, guppies, snails, the cories, one platy fry a few weeks old swimming around in there and it is doing fine as well as the one platy I got from PetSmart in Jan who is bigger than anyone!

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Thanks for all the great information!
Have you tested the water since using General Cure? Antibiotics can crash your cycle. But I see you're using Prime and all the time? With every water change? Stability is meant to be used according to the instructions--so a large dose the first day, then smaller doses every 24hrs for the next 7. After that you either shouldn't need it any longer (ie your readings are indicating that you're completely cycled), or you have bigger issues.

Your strain of TB could also be resistant to the erythromycin in the General Cure. Lets get some other people to weigh in on this, but there are other antibiotics which are less commonly used, and so might be more effective against a resistant strain of TB.
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I only use stability when needed. Like after I did the meds and added charcoal back I used it and when I do really good cleanings or replace filter media I use it.

They were both still alive in the bowl when I got home. I tested the water and it was all good (0 ammonia and nitrites, 20 nitrates). I did a 25% water change and added them back. I will keep an eye on the 2 of them and the platy who is getting skinny. I have no idea if any of it is related cause the Cory I just got a week ago and was upside down but is fine now. The guppy and platy just are both pretty low energy and hiding. I'm was hoping the general cure would help and maybe it did and just it needs more water changes the get the water back to normal so the fish feel better? If so I have no prob doing extra water changes I just went with the package directions. I am just not sure if all my fish are gonna get sick or if these 2 platies had it because they came from the same place and tank and the Cory and guppy are unrelated.

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