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Discussion in 'Texas Cichlid' started by Bdriver55, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Bdriver55

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    I got this little fish as a Red Texas Cichlid at times it looks like one and other times it doesn’t can someone help me ID this fish? Did I just get a really low quality fish?


    Here is an additional picture
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  2. Lynn78too

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    I can't see the picture, are you sure you uploaded it or is it my computer? Usually people like to help ID and no one's responded.
  3. Coradee

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    We have a forum glitch at the moment so images aren’t showing, Mike's working on it.
  4. chromedome52

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    My thing is identifying fish, and if I can't see the pictures, I have nothing to do! Hope Mike has some luck today!
  5. Feohw

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    They work when they aren't in "Full pic" mode and you can see them if you download the app. Here's the pic of the fish in this thread:

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  6. chromedome52

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    I don't come here on a phone, I come here on a computer. So no app.

    Well, it's certainly a hybrid of some sort, though it looks more Frankenhorn than a Red Texas normally does.