Fish ID help please

  1. JVIEW Member Member

    Hello, I just purchased one of these fish from petsmart out of the "assorted african cichlids" tank , they had alot of these fish and I dont know what they are. Anyone out there know what they are or is it just a hybrid

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  2. kribensis keeper Member Member

    it is a male but the problem is the tank that he was in when you brought him as it did not state what it is thats the bad thing about aussorted cichlid tanks. could you list the fish he is living with and any behavious

  3. JVIEW Member Member

    they were all mbuna cichlids at petsmart they have all the other cichlids there organized in there own tank and the mbuna cichlids are mixed so i purchased him out of the assorted mbuna tank and he was in with some kenyi and venestus and auratus cichlids
  4. Slug Well Known Member Member

    OB Zebra. Its an Mbuna from Malawi.

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  6. JVIEW Member Member

    thanks for your help