Fish ID help please :)

  1. jovski Initiate Member

    I have been given 2 fish and wasn't told what they were - i have no idea what care they need because i don't know what they are. I went to a pet shop and tried to compare them and the black/gold one looked kinda like some fish that were labled as Platys but i may be wrong. Can anyone tell me what they are and possibly if they are male/female? I tried to get as clear photos as possible but if they aren't enough i can try to get more.
    100_0071.jpg 100_0100.jpg 100_0102.jpg
  2. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    They're Platies. Gold one male, black one female. You can sex them by the shape of the anal fin (the one just behind the bum).
  3. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    They are live bearers that's for sure but im not 100% if they're mollies or platies, Other then the colouring id say mollies.

    However the one with red on its tail is male black is female thats for sure. You might want to start planing for the fry too. If you want to keep both of them I would recommend another female otherwise the male is likly to mate your only female to death.
  4. jovski Initiate Member

    Ah, i shall rehome them seperately i think. I purchased a tank see, and then was given fish with it unexpectedly. I will rehome the male to a friend and find someone else to take the female or purchase several females to be housed with her. :)
  5. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    One small problem with keeping you female....shes already preggers......congrats.

    I would see if a pet shop would let you swap the female for a male.
  6. jovski Initiate Member

    Ah boo, i never even wanted fish lol, i wanted a tank for an axolotl! :) I shall perhaps take her to the pet shop and ask if they will look after her - they took the zebra danio that were housed with them. These two were going to go to a friend who wanted them but obviously cannot go together now! :) The male will go to the friend and the female possibly to the shop.
  7. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Good luck on getting your axolotl blusshed has almost got me convinced i need to get some after seeing all her pics. Theyre cute little buggers.
  8. jovski Initiate Member

    Just checked with the pet shop and they will happily take her :) Thank goodness, i may have ended up with 30+ fish i didn't especially want lol.
  9. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    thats good news. Time to get ready for the fish you do want.