Fish I was going to buy now in quarantine with velvet

  1. M

    Maxi1 Valued Member Member

    Hi All, I pretty sure I know the answer to this already but... I went to pick up 2 pearl gourami at fish store and found they were in qt for velvet. That was last week. They told me they euthanized all with symptoms and were treating the rest for 5 or more it's a week and they are still in qt for 4-5 days they say.

    I'm thinking I should be patient and pass on this whole group of fish, and wait a month or so. Thoughts?

  2. ToddHendrix

    ToddHendrix Valued Member Member

    I would. Or go to a diffrent store and see if they have them there. No sense in risking infecting your tank with a disease, especially velvet.

  3. peregrine

    peregrine Valued Member Member

    I would wait or find another LFS. That being said have to commend the LFS for not just selling you the fish and actually putting them in QT.
  4. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    If you do decide to wait until after they are done in the store's QT to purchase them, I would still QT them after bringing them home for at least 4 weeks.
  5. OP

    Maxi1 Valued Member Member

    Thanks for your responses! I'm going to wait month and QT the ones I buy then too.