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Fish Having Reaction To Natural Remedy!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by cara89, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. cara89 Valued Member Member

    So my betta Mo has had a bit of fin rot lately and my water changes didn't seem to help. Unfortunately, financially I'm not in a position to purchase a new setup for QT. So I went looking for API general cure as I've read that its plant safe. For some reason the majority of my lps don't carry much on fish medicine and it's not bad enough that i want to dip him malachite green/bettafix. That's my last resort ever. Stuff is brutal.

    I should have known better than to trust the lps with advice but they recommended Microbe-lift Artemiss for fin rot. It was supposed to be a safer alternative. Boy oh boy yeah right.

    My fish has been slumped over the plants or wood for over an hour. Ive changed out several cups of water and he still is laying there almost like he's in shock and i feel horrible.

    His condition looks bad and i dont know what else to do but slowly rotate out water.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I've read hit or miss things about this product but no one said it made their fish look stoned and freak out then slump down like he's about to die.
    I'm so worried! What to do? 

  2. Rainbows and Fishes Valued Member Member

    I’ve definetly experienced the frustration of using these “natural medicine” products. I have no idea why petstores don’t seem to carry any real medications any longer. I would immediately stop adding the medication and do a big water change. I agree that using a more reliable product like API general cure is likely a good idea. I’ve had a gourami react strangely to natural medicine before, I stopped dosing and he got better luckily.

  3. Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    It's unfortunate that your fish is going through this. I often like to use stuff that I know will work, I know they've been around and I've also heard of them before. If I've never heard of them before I won't use it.

    I agree that water changes will likely help.

    As for the QT...you don't need to buy a whole new tank, you can use a plastic tote box to be your QT. It can also double as a storage for your fish supplies.

  4. cara89 Valued Member Member

    I have changed out over a gallon of water so far. Hes still just hanging out at the bottom. Im going to continue to slowly change out cups of water. Whats worse is i have to leave shortly. I'm praying that i don't come home to a dead fish.
    Whats more interesting is he didn't react this way last night to the first dose.
    1ml for 10 days was the instructions. 2nd does he was in visable distress. IlI' update what happens next.
  5. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Underdose the amount because most tanks do not have the full gallon that is stated (because of decor and substrate), my 37 has about 5 gallons of water taken up by dense driftwood, rocks, and substrate, so i dose for 30 gallons), with a ten gallon tank try and get under 1ml for your dose, I have wild caught fish that have no issues with this med, inverts with no issues with this med, and it has helped my fish. You need to dose around the same time each day, that way the doses are spread out like they need to be.
    Do a large water change to help alleviate his distress, the fresh water will help him.
  6. cara89 Valued Member Member

    Update: well he is not dead but still not the vibrant healthier fish i start with today. So far I've swapped out over 3 gallons (nearly the whole tank) of water and he is still hanging out on the log breathing hard. I'm not sure if there's anything more i can do then do another large water change tomorrow and hope for the best.
  7. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    The tank is only three gallons?? No wonder he is having a reaction, you dosed for 10 gallons, three times the size of the tank! That dosing didn't allow for him to get used to it, it shocked him because you overdosed right over three times for your tank size.
    I would do a large water change now that way you can take out most of the rest of the meds, you had three times the amount to deal with that should have been in the tank (the amount that should have been in there after day three, not day one), a large water changes should dilute it out enough for him to recover.
  8. cara89 Valued Member Member

    It says 1ml per 5 gallons per day for 10 days on the bottle i have?! Unless the direction printed are wrong. After digging around other people had the same reaction with bigger tanks... a lot of people said it killed snails and other fish. Im on my way home from work and plan on doing a large water change again. I have to do a little at a time because of my tap water being 7.8 with high ammonia and the fluval substrate making my ph 6.6 in my tank.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  9. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    If you can i would suggest an RO system that way the ph doesn't have as far to go, (I am not sure if it helps with ammonia). I have not had issues with it, snails or wild caught fish, but I also dose exactly or under to make sure I am not putting too much into the tank. I have a pair of apisto veijita that have no issues with this, none of my shrimp have reacted to this and my snails aren't reacting to it.