Fish has 'blisters' ?



I have an adult gold barb who has developed what looks exactly like human burn blisters on the top of her head and both gill covers.

I am stumped.

The blisters are big enough to cover the top and sides of her head, appear to be fluid filled, translucent and growing in size.

She isn't eating and is becoming thin. First noticed the first blister about a week ago.

Tank is fine, water tests are good. Have been doing additional water changes. No new additions etc Heater is not accessable.

Any ideas?? I am particularly fond of my barbs.

Cant medicate as I have no idea what it is.

Thanks Helene

Jake the Fish

If you could post some pictures that would help.
As for the blister I have no idea so see what other members have to say.

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Have been reading about 'gas bubbles' which do look a bit like my barb's blisters...

BUT.... there has been no change to the tank, I always check water temp for water changes. Heater hasnt broken, temp is constant. I run both the internal filter as well as an external fluval filter, both have been in place for several months, working well.

Have added an airstone just in case but I am not convinced.

Any other thoughts?

As always my photographic skills leave a lot to be desired, once I have kids off to preschool, son kicked out of bed, husband fed and watered...etc etc

I will have a go lol

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Best wishes Hozie!
I hope the fish is going to be ok. I wish I had the answer for you.
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Just to say.

Fish died 3 weeks later. I nicked the 'blisters' and they were filled with a thick clear 'jelly'. Not a thin serum like a burn blister in human skin.

Am none the wiser. Another gold barb has developed red lumps on her gill cover which comes and goes but seems to respond to an antibacterial.

I wonder if my gold barbs are just succeptible to strange diseases, are they more inbred or 'engineered' than other barbs? I don't know.

So all in all I haven't a clue

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