Fish Gulping? Help

  1. Gersh Member Member

    Hey y'all. This is something I've been struggling to figure out for a while now. I have a couple pearl gourmai in a 55g with 10 sterbai cories and 5 rummy nose (more on the way). It is a low tech planted tank. I run an air stone constantly and a Sunsun jvp-110 wavemaker the surface. I also have a Sunsun 304b cannister with a spraybar. The tank sits at 77 degrees.

    I mention all this because three times now my pearls will randomly start acting like there's no oxygen in the tank. The first time, I moved some plants and thought I stirred something up. The second time my wife noticed that they were acting funny and soon followed by the cories spending more time at the top as well. A 30% WC seemed to fix it, but time could also have fixed it. The third time was yesterday. I started with a plant trim, then a 50% WC. They were fine a few minutes after the change. I test water parameters every time this has happened, and they come out normal (0/0/20). My pH sits around 7.6

    In terms of causes, I'm totally lost. I have plenty of ways to keep oxygen high. It usually happens once the lights are off, but I don't think I have enough to plants to suck up that much oxygen. One friend suggested Gill flukes. Could this be it? I have videos of the most recent episode I can load once I'm home. I thought maybe it could be a pH swing (my kh is nearly o), so I added some crushed coral to my filter, but it happened again.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. lilabug4545 Well Known Member Member

    I'm pretty sure that pearls are labyrinth fish, right? That would mean that they have to breathe from the surface,

  3. Gersh Member Member

    Yes, but this is gulping and staying at the top. An occasional trip to the top is normal, but this is sitting just below the surface and taking breath after breath.
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    Okay, that's different!

  5. Gersh Member Member

    Yea. Any ideas?
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  7. Gersh Member Member

    I use prime when I do my waterchange. I do 50% of 55 so I use about 3mL (1ml/10g).

    Here's a video of what it looks like. Both of them were doing it last night.

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    Have you tried just increasing the amount of oxygen. My cichlids did that so i just added a few bubble walls and it stopped
  10. TexasGuppy Well Known Member Member

    Mine doesn't do that, and I would guess lack of oxygen. But, you have a bubbler going. Is there an oil film at the surface? That can prevent water from absorbing oxygen.

  11. Gersh Member Member

    No biofilm. Nice and clear on the top.

    I currently am running an air stone and a wave maker at the surface.

    Yep. Behavior seems totally normal. Still eating well and swimming fine.
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